Calinca Edit

History Edit

Calinca is a cyber nation that was made on July 31, 2006. A monarchy was immediately set up, headed by King FrederickII (also known as Frederick the Great). Seeking a good location was difficult, so the middle of a large water body was chosen. Calinca is a peaceful nation and has been involved in no wars as of yet.

Basic Info Edit

Capitol City: Saiba City (Cyber City) Government Type: Monarchy Religion: Shinto Currency Type: Dollar Team: Blue Tax Rate: ALWAYS 16% National Slogan: "Rise for future; Rise for Power" National Anthem: The Imperial March

Military Info/ Conflicts Edit

Calinca's military is based on the Militant wing of the Salvation Army, or MWOTSA. After several years of civil war, the country was stabilized by the MWOTSA, and strictly guards it's boarders against prohibited items. It has and had no conflicts. It is not allied currently, but is in charge of MWOTSA.

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