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Her Majesty
Caitlin Darach
Caitlin Darach

In office
28 February 2009 – 1 August 2009
Chancellor Lance Pikachurin
Preceded by Newly established
Succeeded by Lance Pikachurin

In office
28 September 2005 – 12 December 2006
Monarch Elizabeth II
Preceded by Adrienne Clarkson
Succeeded by Abolished

Born 12 June 1968 (aged 41)
Canada Montréal, QC, Canada
Died 1 August 2009
Flag of Disparu Jubilife, CO, Disparu
Royal House House of Darach
Spouse Pereneus Darach
Alma mater Université Laval
Religion Christian
Signature CaitlinDarachSignature

Caitlin Darach (12 June 1968 – 1 August 2009), also known as Caitlin I, was a Disparuean politician and journalist. She was the first Monarch of Disparu, reigning from the country's foundation until her death in 2009. She was formally styled as "Her Majesty, Caitlin I, Queen of Disparu, Chatelaine of Château Eterna". She also served as the Governor General of Canada until 26 February 2009, and was also a companion of the Order of Canada. Despite this, she became the chairwoman of the Disparu Committee, a committee that would eventually make Quebec (now Disparu) secede from Canada.

Early life[]

Darach was born at Montréal, Quebec on 12 June 1968 to a father of English decent and a German mother. The Darach family historians state that Darach's parents met in Berlin, East Germany on 1950, five years after the end of World War II. The couple stayed in East Germany until 1961, when the Berlin Wall was built. The couple defected from East Germany before most of the wall was built and immigrated to Canada. The couple eventually settled in Montreal.

Darach grew up in Montreal and studied at a French public school before graduating in 1985. Darach then enrolled at the Université Laval in Québec City to continue her study on the English and French languages, as well as to pursue literature studies. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1990.

After graduating from Université Laval in 1990, Darach became a reporter and broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Darach hosted several news programs, such as CBC Newsworld. Darach also produced documentaries that aired on the CBC, such as Confederation Report. While working as a journalist, Darach met and befriended Lance Pikachurin, who would become the future Chancellor and Monarch.

Political career[]

Darach became Governor General of Canada on 28 September 2005, after Queen Elizabeth II approved Darach to the position, after being recommended by Prime Minister. Paul Martin. Due to her short tenure in office, Darach was only able to maintain the status quo.

Darach played an important part in the creation of Disparu, a role that has drawn criticism from English Canadians. After the defeat of the "Yes" side (which she secretly supported) at the Quebec referendum of 2006, Darach suggested the formation of the Disparu Committee, a committee that would establish support for the secession of Quebec from Canada. Her central role in the project caused many to consider Darach as the Committee's chairwoman. Her public support for Quebec's secession sparked controversy, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper was forced to recommend her removal. She would not be succeeded by anyone else; as such, she is the last person to serve as Governor General of Canada.

Following the Canadian Crisis and the Quebec referendum of 2009, which resulted in a "Yes" vote, she led the Disparu Committee into establishing the legal and economic framework that would form Disparu. Controversially, she encouraged the establishment of a Monarchy, a position that would secure her power following the formation of an independent state. Her wishes were followed, and following the establishment of Disparu, she was coronated as Monarch.


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Darach was assassinated during her visit to Jubilife on 1 August 2009. Eye-witness accounts report that Darach was shot two times as her motorcade drove down Jubilife's Main Street. Darach was fatally wounded, and died en route to the nearest hospital.

After her death and autopsy, Darach's remains were moved to the Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal in Montreal in order to lie in state until her funeral on 8 August 2009. Darach was finally moved to her final resting place on 8 August 2009, after a mass attended by all Disparuean Members of Parliament, Senators, Darach's relatives and closest friends. The funeral was also attended by two representatives from the Government of Eagleia.