This alliance has disbanded as of October 22, 2014. More information is available here.

CFI Official Flag
CFI Motto: He who angers you conquers you.
Team Color Red team red
Founded April 9th, 2014
Other Officials
red Senate None
International relations See diplomatic relations for more

AllianceStats Statistics as of 9/4/2014

Total Nations 1
Strength 1,178
Avg. Strength 1,178
Nukes 0
Score 0.3
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Cafori was an alliance founded in April 2014 by Sonyoaks and disbanded by October 2014. It was a red Tayist alliance.


The origin of Cafori dates back to June 2011 when King Dope, the then President of the Celtic Republic initiated a secret project known as Codename Cafori. It was meant to be a new political system however King Dope abandon the project in favour of starting a new alliance at the time, the Celtic World Order. King Dope disappeared from Planet Bob in early 2012 and the Celtic Republic and the CWO was then governed by Jim Smith who disbanded the CWO in 2013 and later was executed in early 2014 following the Celtic Revolution. Sonyoaks later emerge as President of the Celtic Republic. Inspired by King Dope work on the EUFN, CWO, Forwardism and Tayism and the Celtic Republic, Sonyoaks sought to establish a new alliance naming it Cafori in honour of the project started by King Dope.

It was disbanded in October 2014 due to a failed recruitment run throughout the 7 month history of the alliance.




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