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This article is on a Pope of the fictional nation Roleplaying game Cyber Nations and is no reflection on the opinions, views or ideals of Cyber Nations or any of the people/parties represented in this article, who are largely fictional. For the actual defenition and documentation of Popes or the Catholic Curch see the Wiki Article, Wiki Article, to re-iterate, this is fictional, and based on the imaginations of RPers from across the globe.

History Edit


The Cadian Catholic Church was founded by Pope Ian I of the Cadian Empire in 1993. It was a splinter faith of Catholosism and it formed a religious order called the Order of St Michael.


Current IdealsEdit

The ideals of the CCC are almost the same as the Catholic Church however under Pope Conrad I the use of condoms has been allowed, and ICBMs, Cruise Missles and Nuclear weapons have been declared Holy Weapons.


The CCC only became contraversial in May 2006 when Pope Conrad I declared himself Pope of all Catholic Churches including the Orange Catholic Church. However two days later he renounced his claim as Pope of the Orange Catholic Church for some odd and unknown reason. Minor controversy was started in September 2004 when Pope Conrad I was elected. This was largely due to his 'Explosive Obsession', OCD and Asperger's Syndrom.

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