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Republic of Aquisgrana

In the politics of the Republic of Aquisgrana, the Cabinet is a formal body composed of the most senior government ministers chosen by the Magistratus and voted on by the people. Most members are heads of government departments with the title "Minister of ...". Formal members of the Cabinet are drawn exclusively from the Concilium Ministrorum.

Current Cabinet[]

Following his appointment as Magistratus, Valdemar announced his first Cabinet on 25th June 2009. The most recent cabinet reshuffle was on 10th July 2010

Portfolio Minister
Magistratus, Commander-in-Chief His Excellency Valdemar CM
Minister for Finance His Excellency General Mc Muffin CM
Minister for Foreign Affairs His Excellency Elfriede Riotte CM
Minister for the Interior His Excellency Gavin Jones CM
Minister for Immigration His Excellency Kaiser Milch CM
Minister for War His Excellency Alfred von Schlifen CM