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In the politics of the United Provinces of Clinkham Wood, the Cabinet is a formal body composed of the most senior government ministers chosen by the Stadtholder. Most members are heads of government departments with the title "Secretary of State for ...". Formal members of the Cabinet are drawn from the Federal Council and Federal Assembly.

Current Cabinet[]

Following his appointment as Stadtholder, Gavin Jones announced his first Cabinet on 30th May 2008. The most recent cabinet reshuffle was on 5th December 2009

Portfolio Minister
Stadtholder The Rt. Hon. Gavin Jones Fed. Con.
First Minister The Rt. Hon. Daniel Baker HoC
Secretary of State for the Home Department The Rt. Hon. Sarah Callan HoC
Chancellor of the Exchequer The Rt. Hon. John MacGallagher HoC
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The Rt. Hon. Beatrix van der Hoeven Fed. Con.
Secretary of State for Defence The Rt. Hon. Bert Cramers (Acting) HoC
Secretary for State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs The Rt. Hon. Sharon Dijksma Fed. Con.
Secretary for State for Energy The Rt. Hon. Mary ter Horst Fed. Con.
Secretary for State for Transport The Rt. Hon. Adam Eurlings Fed. Con.
Secretary for State for Education The Rt. Hon. Jacqueline Koenders Fed. Con.