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CSN, Let's GO Already

Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
Guru Order
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 29/07/2010
Treaty Status: Active

The CSN, Let's GO Already Treaty is a MDoAP between the Guru Order and the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations.


This document hereby affirms the bonds of mutual defense, with the possibility of optional aggression, contextually meaningless as that might be, between The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and the Hulu Order. We can't wait to catch up on this season of Psych.

What? Oh, sorry.

Section 1: Sovereignty[]

Both The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations and the Ragu Order will remain separate and distinct entities, retaining their own sovereignty (you'd think the name would clue that in, hurr) and preferences regarding meatless pasta sauces and the heresies thereof. What? SERIOUSLY? Agh.

Section 2: Defense[]

Regardless of what we think of each other's taste in music, The Commonwealth the Gaga Order (No? WTF) pledge to defend each other in the event that one is attacked.

Section 3: Optional Aggression[]

If The Commonwealth undertakes any aggressive military action, they may request the mighty, many armed aid of the Goro Order. And vice versa. This aid isn't compulsory, though I think probably it would be greatly appreciated. And, I really don't even care anymore, dude. Leave it be. They are who they are.

Section 5: Cancellation[]

Either The Commonwealth or The Parties Aforementioned That It May Concern Order may cancel this treaty at any time by providing 72 hours notice.


Signed for The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

  • Goose, Head of State, Warmonger of GUARD, Hater of Huggles, and Old Man with a Cane
  • Captain Impavid, Deputy Head of State, Disco King of Peoria, Keeper of the Seals, Vice-Commander of His Warmonger's Secret Service, Hungry Hungry Hippos World Champion 1992-1998.
  • WickedJ, Minister of Defense, Tech Whore of the Nations, Owner of a Useless Mind, and Kicker of you on IRC...
  • SpacingOutMan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Preacher of Goose, Defender of Beward, and The Commonwealth's Left Hand
  • hhawk, Minister of Internal Affairs, Vice Allied_Threat, Mustache ride proprietor, Bugger of Goose, Protector of the Lawn
  • montypython, Director of Finance, Demander of Sammiches, DMoFA
  • Raptor Jesus, Director of Recruitment, dier for sins, lurker of IRC and skype, sender of many messages, AAA AAaaaaAAA AaaAaAA

Signed on behalf of the Guru Order

  • The Guru Order Elders Council:
    • Mentor
    • Rodger Waldie
    • JmanofAus