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COMECON Official Flag
Team Color Red team Red
Founder(s) gorbachov
Leader(s) gorbachov
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of 8/21/14

Total Nations 6
No 30-day net change
Avg. Strength 2,475
Nukes 0
Aid Efficiency 60 (6000%)
Rank 133
Score .36
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COMECON is a small alliance on the red sphere. It was founded on 7/14/2013 8:36:19 AM.


International organization for the coordination of economic development, Common Market, Military Assistance and matters of mutual interest in Services, Finance and Technology. COMECON achievements include unification of electric power grids, rail and river transport, construction of the Friendship pipeline, and the creation of the International Bank for Economic Cooperation.

COMECON CharterEdit

Preamble We the people of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance establish this charter to ensure future progress of our member nations.

Article 1: Admissions Any nation that pledges their support will be accepted under the condition that the prospective member does not posses a questionable background or is currently fighting a war. Nations currently fighting a war will be decided on a case by case basis.

Article 2: Removal A member nation will be removed from COMECON if they commit a major infraction or multiple minor infractions. Removal decisions will be rendered by the Master of Defense and/or the Founder of COMECON.

Article 3: Military policy Military aggression against the Council will be met by a swift and severe response. Where a nation engages in such an act against a COMECON member, a snigle ofer for restitution shall be made. Should such an offer be rejected, then the Master of Defence may engage the offender as it sees fit. Any war declaration involving COMECON members must immediately be reported to the Master of Defense and the Master of Foreign Affairs

Article 4: Nuclear policy COMECON allows member nations to own nuclear weapons. Authorization from the Master of Defense and/or the Founder must be grated prior to the use of nuclear weapons.

Article 5: Leadership COMECON Leadership consists of the following positions:

Founder Ensures that all intra-Council activities run smoothly and is the final arbitrator in disputes within the council.

Master of Defense Responsible for roll calls, training member nations strategies and tactics. The MoD will report events on the public office of defense forum.

Master of Economics The MoE is responsible for organising commerce within COMECON, including technology deals and financial training of members. The MoE will report activity on the Public Office of the Economy forum

Master of Foreign Affairs The MoFA is responsible for opening/managing COMECON embassies and treaty negotiation with other alliances. The MoFA will report all activities on the Public office of Foreign Affairs Forum

International relationsEdit

Treaties of COMECON
Treaty name and link Type Treaty partner(s) Status
'In mother Russia the phoenix protect you! Accords' Protectorate TPFflag The Phoenix Federation Active

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