The Criminal Organization of Bloodiness, Revenge, and Advancement

COBRA Official Flag

COBRA Official Flag
COBRA Motto: Nuke First, Ask Questions Never!
Team Color Brown team.gif Brown
Founded May 24, 2015


COBRA Royal Guard


Brown Senate Caspase of Amino Acids

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Total Nations 20
Strength 1,028,819
Avg. Strength 51,441
Nukes 299
Rank 35
Score 5.89
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COBRA is a Federal Monarchy affiliated with Kashmir.

It was established on May 24, 2015 after the founding members seceded from aNiMaLz. COBRA officially announced its existence on July 19, 2015.

As of 2018, the Brown Team Elected Senator for this alliance is Caspase, Ruler of Amino Acids.

History[edit | edit source]

COBRA was invaded by the rogue remnants of GOONS during its earlier days, when it was known as the Criminal Organization of Bloodiness, Revenge, and Advancement. This incident led to major changes in foreign affairs.

COBRA's Alliance Affiliation was hijacked for a time following the Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, during which it was known as C0BRA, then the Federation of Cobra. It has since been rightfully reclaimed.

Participants of the following Wars:

Charter[edit | edit source]

COBRA, originally known as the Criminal Organization of Bloodiness, Revenge, and Advancement would like to state that potential applicants should join the Discord server for further interrogation prior approval.

1. King Cobra

The title of COBRA's monarch. As leading representative and Commander of the alliance, the King is expected to attack first and retreat last. All foreign affairs are handled directly by the King and the Crown Prince.

  • The Crown Prince acts as the hand of the King. Considered to be the successor to the throne; they are specifically chosen by the King to act in their stead should they be incapacitated in some form or another. The Crown Prince swears undying loyalty to COBRA; upholds the values of the Alliance and pursues the path set forth by the King.

2. Royal Guard

COBRA's central government. Historically charged with protection of the King, their collective mission is to oversee the military, economic, and internal aspects of the alliance. Members of the Royal Guard are chosen at the discretion of the King and the Crown Prince.

3. Elder

The Elders are the most sagacious and veteran members of COBRA who have once served the Alliance as King or a member of the Royal Guard. As Elders; they serve the Alliance as role models, mentors, and judges. The Elder Council operates first and foremost in an advisory capacity to the King and Royal Guard, they may also take on duties of the Royal Guard at the King’s request.

4. Warlord

The Rank of Warlord is earned by member states that have gone on the offensive in any major war involving COBRA and/or possess a casualty count of 100,000 or higher. The Warlords act as COBRA's standing army and are given the power to recruit new members.

(*****) Chief Warlord

Fresh recruits ready for raiding, circa 2017 (colorized)

(***) 100,000+ Casualties and Nuclear Capable

(*) 100,000+ Casualties

5. Prospect

Newly recruited member states are considered Prospects and act as defenders of the alliance. Prospects are expected to voice their concerns and post in-game announcements.

6. Dual-Membership

Allied states of COBRA held in high-esteem may also be granted the rank of Warlord. This rank can be bestowed upon any allied party at the discretion of the King. Any nation who maintains a state of duality regarding their membership(s) cannot ascend beyond the rank of Warlord.

The 10 Orders of COBRA[edit | edit source]

Green for prosperity, black for no quarter, red for loyalty and yellow our order.

- I will not run from a fight

- I will not attack a fellow member

- I will not lie, cheat, or spy

- I will burn pixels for pleasure

- I will be cruel, I will smite

- I will obey my Commander

- I will not plea, beg, or hide

- I DO NOT surrender

- I will nuke first

- I will ask questions never

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

Year With Active [Y/N]
2016 Kashmir Yes
2018 The Imperial Entente No
2018 The Phoenix Federation Yes
2018 Haven Yes
2019 Non-Grata No
2019 Ordo Cyberneticus Yes
2020 Bardock Beachhouse Yes
2020 New League of Nations Yes
2020 Fark Yes

Foreign Policy:

  • ALL raids to be approved by COBRA King, COBRA Prince or The Royal Guard before being conducted.
  • Nuking of a non-nuclear state is forbidden during standard tech raids.
  • Peace is to be granted upon request should the target nation join a sovereign alliance.
  • Attempts to poach unaligned nations should be limited to the rules above.
  • COBRA Leadership will issue warnings upon breach of policy. Once beyond 2 warnings, the member may be subject to banishment.

Tech Raiding Notes:

We are proud Raiders and we do a great service to the community of Planet Bob. Raided Rulers tend to see the benefits of joining an AA, and our members receive both the training and incentive to remain active.

Don't tell us we can't have any steak just because you can't chew it!

Culture[edit | edit source]

Ancient hieroglyphs describe pixel burning rituals

The culture of COBRA consists of a strong warrior ethic. The following are highly encouraged:

A constant state of warfare (memetic, or otherwise) is essential.

COBRA promotes Laytonism and Micro Activism (µ)

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