The Treaty of Non-Aggression between The Confederacy of Independent States (CIS) and The Aquatic Brotherhood (TAB)

Article I- Non-Aggression

Sec. 1- Both alliances, CIS and TAB, hereby agree to follow this Non-Aggression Pact from here out. Any attack on a CIS nation by a TAB nation, due to past events (I.E. GWII and III) will result in immediate expulsion from TAB, and said nation sentenced to perpetual ZI. Any TAB nation that is attacked by a CIS nation is entitled to full reparations and the CIS nation responsible for the aggression will face disciplinary action at the hands of the CIS high magistrate.

  • As per term 8 of the former BTA surrender terms:

Blue Turtle Alliance Surrender Terms.

Sec. 2- Failure to comply with the appropriate course of actions for any attacks on a CIS or TAB nation by the respective governments of the CIS or TAB will be seen as a form of breaking this treaty of non-aggression, resulting in the nullification of said document.

Sec. 3- If this non-aggression pact is cancelled by TAB, it will be seen as an act of aggression and a threat to CIS, and will be handled appropriately.

Article II- Espionage

Sec. 1- Both CIS and TAB agree to not commit espionage towards the other alliance.

Article III- Intelligence

Sec.1- Neither alliance will withhold any information that may be harmful to the well being of either alliance.

Article IV- Nullification

Sec. 1- CIS reserves the right to declare this pact null and void at any time it sees fit. A grace period of 72 hours(in which neither party will show aggression) will ensue if the CIS exercises this right.

Sec. 2- As stated in Section 3, of Article I, a cancellation of this NAP by TAB will be seen as an act of aggression, as well as a threat to the well-being of CIS, and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

This pact is hereby a signed and legal document:

Signed for CIS: Mum2005- Temporary Foreign Affairs Director for TAB, writer of document Spakistan- General Overseer of TAB governmental affairs JoshThegreat- Official Spam Director of TAB 08milluz- Defense Specialist

Signed for TAB: +Zeke+ - Minister of Special Projects Count Rupert - Minister of Recruitment Swissguard - Minister of Defense

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