Date April 12, 2008 – May 2008
Casus belli Various incidents indicating an alleged lack of respect and decorum on FPI's part; see casus belli
Result FPI becomes defunct
Preceded by
Wolfpack War
Succeeded by
Roman-Inertia War
Freebootin' Pirate Insurgency
Confederacy of Imperial States
CIS Flag II.png
New Polar Order
Nations: 59
Nukes: 104
Total NS: 750,538
Nations: 808
Nukes: 1,674
Total NS: 13,569,318

Casus belli[edit | edit source]

As posted by the Confederacy of Imperial States on April 11, 2008:

The FPI were formerly allies of CIS, her protectorates, however recent events have seen our relationship strained and deteriorate to the point where they are now the complete opposite. A series of events have occurred along which the CIS has been patient, loyal and supportive, and yet all these efforts have been met with disrespect and a betrayal.

The first example of such can be found in the fact that FPI are starting to appear more and more like \m/ all the time. Considering the fact that they were created from the former alliance \m/, and are comprised predominantly of former \m/ members, there should be no surprise there. But we gave them the benefit of the doubt on their 'changed' nature, and decided to take them under our wing.

It was never going to be a good start for any alliance considering their previous dealings, and yet, as they were our protectorates, as any upstanding alliance would, we supported them taking the scrutiny from our allies and insuring their existence would be allowed. At which point our endeavors were met by insolence, and claims that our support was neither swift nor adequate enough, despite the fact that we had in fact assured their survival.

The next notable act of contempt came upon their attempt to place an application to join the Brotherhood. No diplomatic action was taken by the FPI to ensure our consent, nor were the CIS’s best interests as their protectorates taken into account, being as consideration could have been taken to apply to join our BLOC, the DCP. Once again, we allowed this to slide and nothing more came of it, although the disrespect they had shown us and their diplomatic failings were duly noted.

Not long after this it came to our attention that members Jason8 and Four Horsemen foolishly conducted revolting attacks on the sufferers of epilepsy in response to reading this article:

Citing the effects of an epileptic fit as ‘funny’ and referring to it as ‘floppin down and doing the dying tuna’ in a public IRC conversation, these vile attacks where the epitome of insolence to not only the targets of their jokes but also to anybody present in that channel. Once more this resulted in the call for their destruction from those who had become aware of this situation and the attacks that had been made, yet once again the CIS, firm in it's loyalty, stood by our protectorates, supported them, and insured their continuation in the Cyberverse. However, these failing would not go without notice.

It was not long after these events that the FPI saw fit to cancel their protectorate with the CIS, despite the unwavering support, loyalty and dependability we had provided them through their short CN life, providing them with the gift of an opportunity to become an upstanding alliance in the Cyberverse.

As a result of this chain of events, FPI’s constant disrespect and ingratitude at every turn to the CIS and her efforts to protect them, the FPI’s obvious inability to conduct effective foreign and diplomatic affairs, and an overwhelming quantity of asshattery, the Confederacy of Imperial States declares war on the Freebooting Pirates Insurgency to rid the Cyberverse of this pest.
Confederacy of Imperial States

FPI Response[edit | edit source]

Let us play, motherf#$@ers. Let. Us. Play.

EDIT1: Nuclear strikes against CIS nations have been authorized. Nuclear strikes against NpO nations will be immediately authorized if ANY NpO nation is found to be spying FPI nuclear weapons away.

EDIT2: Polaris was spying our nuclear weapons away. Self-Explanitory.
Freebootin' Pirate Insurgency

Nuclear Events[edit | edit source]

<Will be adding to this>

Alternate war names[edit | edit source]


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