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Here is the current list of courses coded CHVS (Chuvash) at Uralikan Yliopisto. These are offered by the Department of Turkic and Central Asian Studies within the Faculty of Humanities.

100-level courses[]

CHVS 100A - Introductory Chuvash I
CHVS 100B - Introductory Chuvash II
CHVS 100C - Introductory Chuvash III
CHVS 110 - Chuvash Culture on Planet Bob

200-level courses[]

CHVS 200A - Intermediate Chuvash I
CHVS 200B - Intermediate Chuvash II
CHVS 200C - Intermediate Chuvash III
CHVS 210 - Chuvash History: Turkic Origins
CHVS 220 - Introductory Conversational Chuvash
CHVS 230 - Indtroduction to Chuvash Literature (starting January 2011)

300-level courses[]

CHVS 300A - Advanced Chuvash I
CHVS 300B - Advanced Chuvash II
CHVS 300C - Advanced Chuvash III
CHVS 310 - Chuvash History: Russian and Soviet Eras
CHVS 320 - Intermediate Conversational Chuvash
CHVS 330 - Uralican Chuvash Literature (starting January 2011)

400-level courses[]

CHVS 400 - Chuvash Mastery
CHVS 410 - Chuvash History: Post-Communist Chuvashia
CHVS 411 - Chuvash History: Robertian Chuvashia
CHVS 420 - Advanced Conversational Chuvash
CHVS 430 - Pre-Uralican Robertian Chuvash Literature (starting January 2011)
CHVS 499 - Honours Thesis (available in June 2011)