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Treaty Type: Optional Extended Defence Pact
Treaty Signed: 12/08/2014
Treaty Active: 72 hours written notice
Treaty Status: Active

The CCC-KORT OEDP is a OEDP between the Christian Coalition of Countries and Knights of the Round Table. It was announced on the 12th of August 2014.

Text of the Treaty Edit



In recognition of our close friendship, and in the spirit of continued prosperity and mutual success, the Christian Coalition of Countries, hereafter referred to as the CCC, and the Knights of the Round Table, hereafter referred to as KoRT, do hereby enter this Pact of Optional Extended Defense.

Article I. Non-aggressionEdit

Both the CCC and KoRT pledge themselves to a policy of non-aggression towards one another in both word and deed, and will strive for a relationship full of graciousness and tact. Any breach of this policy, by either side, will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Article II. IntelligenceEdit

Should either party come into information pertinent to the other, they are obligated to provide it at the earliest possible time.

Article III. Optional DefenseEdit

Should one party be attacked by a third party, the attacked party may request the assistance, either economic or military, from the other signatory. Providing this assistance is highly encouraged by the spirit of cooperation between the CCC and KoRT, but it is not mandatory.

Article IV. Extended DefenseEdit

Both parties extend the optional defense outlined in Article III to the treaty partners of their fellow signatory, when the war in question is not a result of actions taken due to other treaty obligations. The signatory whose treaty partner was assaulted must request intervention from the other for this article to be properly activated.

Article V. TerminationEdit

Either party may terminate this treaty with 72 hours written notice to the other signatory.

Signed for the Christian Coalition of Countries:

  • Llanowar Elf - Chancellor
  • Wes the Wise - Vice Chancellor
  • Wrath of God - Minister of Defense
  • Les Paul Supreme - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Ruler the White - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for The Knights of the Round Table:

  • Knights of the Grail, Knight-King
  • Amstel78, Knight-Administrator
  • Celio, Knight-Ambassador
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