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Defunct Doctrine: This doctrine was canceled or is no longer enforceable by the alliance(s) that issued it and it is no longer in effect.

The Bus Doctrine

Poison Clan

Republic of Allied Defenses

The Centurion Brotherhood

The Bus Doctrine was a doctrine set forth by the Pink Warrior Network which allows for pink nations which have been aggressively attacked (not including "normal" tech raids of two ground attacks and peace being sent), extorted, etc... to come to the Pink Court at plead their case. If their case is accepted the enforcers of the doctrine will set out to assist the nation in question via use of diplomacy. The signatories do however reserve the right to use militaristic actions in the cases of nations being hit with "excessive force and extortion during tech raids".

The Bus Doctrine[]


In the interests of the growth and prosperity of the Pink Team, the undersigned alliances hereby enter into the protection of the Pink Team.

Article I: Pink Court and Protection Requests[]

Hence forth unaligned nations residing on the Pink Team shall be under the protection the signatories of this document, should they come under attack and request protection through the pink court. Specifically, once an unaligned pink nation has come under attack, they are encouraged to bring their case to the Pink Court (located at the PWN forums). They shall state their case, and should the members of PWN deem their cause worthy of protection, shall undertake diplomatic procedures and negotiations to procure peace for that nation.

Section 1- The Use of Military[]

Stipulation i - In particular, the signatories of PWN will be looking at instances of excessive force and extortion during tech raids against pink nations. In this situation, the signatories reserve the right to militaristic response.

Stipulation ii - Further, the signatories will also negotiate peace for nations under attack for reasons other than tech raiding, should they be deemed worthy. These negotiations shall not be backed by military action.

Article II: Protection Stipulations[]

Pink nations will not be given protection automatically. Only after they have requested protection and have gone through the proper procedures laid out in the Pink Court will they be granted "protected" status.


For Poison Clan,[]

  • Chinatownbus
  • TwistedRebelDB47

For Republic of Allied Defenses,[]

  • Jason8
  • ComradeJosh

For The Centurion Brotherhood,[]

  • CzarNick
This doctrine will be given a trial period so that we may assess its viability. Should it fail miserably, the signatories reserve the right to dissolve the Doctrine completely.*

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