Republic of Bulgaria
The official flag of the Republic of Bulgaria, showing the countries firm stance in favour of Marxist and Leninist teachings.
Political Party:
Revolutionary Liberation Army
Updated July 2, 2008
Capital Sofia
Official Languages Bulgarian
  • Revolutionary (Marxist Leninist)
The War Soviet of People's Deputies
National Religion
Bulgarian Society has moved past the need for religious rhetoric.
Team Orange
Formation May 29, 2008
National Strength 8.803
World Ranking 28,177
 • Total

1.670 mile diameter.
 • Civilians
 • Military

66 Citizens
10 Soldiers
Currency Rouble
 • Connected
 • Bonus Resources
Pigs & Lead
Spices Fish Marble Cattle Gems Sugar Iron Aluminum Lumber Wheat
Construction Fastfood Beer

Republic of BulgariaEdit

About the Republic of BulgariaEdit

The Republic of Bulgaria currently exists as a Revolutionary Communist state in eastern Europe, overseen by the statesman Todor Zhivkov. Currently, the Revolutionary Liberation Army ( RLA ) is in a long protacted war of supremacy in Bulgaria. The provinces under their control constitute the nation of Bulgaria Proper.


Foundations and WarsEdit

The nation of Bulgaria was created on May 29 after declaring independence from the Bulgarian Loyalist Party. Subsequently a massive military operation against the new state was launched by the Loyalist forces, forcing the new state to surrender and its defensive operations went under ground. Recently it has resurfaced, and have taken control of a few provinces and began setting up a semblance of a government.

The LoyalistsEdit

The Loyalists in control of the Old Bulgaria were hell bent upon imposing their form of governance upon the peoples of the Revolutionary Bulgaria. Armored units and infantry were seen patrolling southern Bulgaria to suppress any form of Socialist revolt in the area. Only with help from the neighboring Communist states to the north and south did the Revolutionary Liberation Army achieve a measure of success.

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