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This is the badge of the Police Force. It is usually worn above a flag of the province in which the officer is on duty.

The Brunswick National Police Force is a collection of the two major headquarters and stations in each community of the Duchy of Brunswick.


The Brunswick National Police Force fulfills its mission to protect and serve in communities at stations throughout the Duchy and its territories. The force is staffed on a volunteer basis by graduates of a basic law enforcement course, available through the Universities of Brunswick System. There are two headquarters for the Brunswick National Police Force:

  • Bad Harzburg Headquarters & Police Station.
  • Braunschweig Headquarters & Police Station
  • Bevern Headquarters & Police Station
  • Calvorde Headquarters & Police Station
  • Gandersheim Headquarters & Police Station

Functions of the National Police Force[]

The Brunswick National Police Force

  • Protect and serve the citizens of the Duchy.
  • Uphold and maintain peace.
  • Apprehend fugitives of the Duchy and bring them forth for prosecution and sentencing.
  • Work in cooperation with the Braunschweig Intelligence League on matters of national security.


  • Police Administration Division
  • Police Public Relations Division
  • Crime Scene Investigation Division
  • Public Safety Division