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Brunswick Monetary Regulation Committee
Seal of the BMRC
Agency overview
Formed February 28, 2009
Jurisdiction Duchy of Brunswick and its territories
Headquarters Braunschweig, Duchy of Brunswick
Ministers responsible Christian Bayern, Minister of Finance
Agnes Wolfenbuettel, Minister of Internal Affairs
Agency executives Wilhelm Pritzel, Chairman
Valda Enseling, Vice Chairman

The Brunswick Monetary Regulation Committee is the central bank of the Duchy of Brunswick. The committee regulates financial institutions, manages the nation's money, and influences the economy.

Organization of the BMRC[]

The Brunswick Monetary Regulation Committee is headed up by a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and the Board of the Reserve.

Tasks of the BMRC[]

The Chairman and his Board of the Reserve are vested with the following tasks:

  • Regulate financial institutions
  • Manage the money of the Duchy
  • Set interest rates
  • Control inflation
  • Ensure maximum employment and production output

These tasks are carried out by the Board through the Reserve Banks in the Duchy of Brunswick and her territories.