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Notable events, alliances, and senators of the brown team are detailed below.

History Edit

The first major event for the brown team was when the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (GATO) moved there as a permanent resident in early February 2006. Originally GATO had been green and red, but when the New Pacific Order (NPO) came along and settled on red, GATO decided it would give them space and move to a sphere where there were no other alliances.

Until well after the Great War (which ended August 1, 2006) brown remained the strongest color in terms of average strength due mostly to GATO remaining a powerful alliance and the small number of total nations on the sphere.

Up until about May 2006, the senators for brown remained the same three people. This was, of course, before the new senate system was put into place, and so the Princeps of brown was Emperor Krebs, the Praetor was LevH7 and the Counslus was Dustin Heck (a.k.a. Doom Star). After Lev and Krebs left, elections were held inside GATO again for the positions. Chris Kaos became Princeps in June and retained that title until his departure in September 2006. The other positions were occupied by a number of people including Yuuzhann Tar]] and Das Girl.

While there have never been brown color wars and traditionally little strife on the sphere, recent years have seen considerable conflict between the Libertarian Party of Cyber Nations and numerous other parties.

Senators Edit

A partial list of those who have served on the brown team senate are listed below (bold indicates current senators):

  • Alexio of Industial (GATO)
  • Galerion of blighty (SNX)
  • jsims8 of DeKalb (GATO)
  • laserwolf of Ellisonia (GATO)
  • letub of Clamville (GATO)
  • Mad Mike of Mikeville (OLD)
  • Masterchief777 (crv24) of The New Empire (GATO)
  • Methrage of Libertarian Empire (LN)
  • pjk11 of BOOM HEADSHOT (PoSSE)
  • Sigrun Vapneir of Confederatio Aesir (CA)
  • TimLee of Republic of BaN (GATO)
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