Brotherhood of the Coast
BoC jollyroger

BoC Official Flag
Team Color Aqua team Aqua
Founder(s) Ghost and Danek Shakurstulumsk
Founded April 16, 2007.
  • Ghost
  • Danek Shakurstulumsk
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Overview Edit

Brotherhood of the Coast was formed on April 16, 2007. by Ghost and Danek Shakurstulumsk.
The BoC was disbanded on April 22, 2007.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Brotherhood of the Coast was formed on the 16th of April.
Ghost wanted to make a pirate alliance and suggested his idea to Danek, who agreed on it.Ghost then set up the forums and everything needed, after which the alliance was officially formed.The charter was written by Ghost and Danek.

Disbanded Edit

The BoC was disbanded on April 22, 2007.

Charter Edit

Read this, ya worthless dogs!

Law 1Edit

- Any of yer scurvy dogs who want to join brotherhood have to cease yer current plundering, ya er' me, maggots?

- When yer in Brotherhood yer can't be part of some landlubber' alliance!

Law 2Edit

- Yer colour must be aqua!

Law 3Edit

- If yer attacked by some landlubber, call the rest of the boyz so we can send our enemies straight to the Davy Jones' locker!

Law 4Edit

- All boyz will fight for Brotherhood!

Law 5Edit

- Yer art forbidden to harass other alliances, but yer can plunder rogues as much as yer like, and yer can keep everything yer plunder for yourself!

Law 6Edit

- Don't forget to change yer alliance affiliation!

Law 7Edit

- Hear me mates! Thou yer do not need to talk like pirate, Yaaargh, yer art encouraged to! :)

Law 8Edit

- Yer fly your Jolly Roger very high!

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