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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
Brotherhood Without Banners
BWB Official Flag

BWB Official Flag
Team Color Multicolored team.gif Multi-Colored
Founder(s) Grizz
Founded 8/04/13

Chief Executive Officer

  • redhavk1

Chief Administrative Officer(s)

  • (Defense)
  • (Finance)
  • (Internal)
  • (Foreign)

Deputy Administrative Officer(s)

  • (Defense)
  • (Finance)
  • (Internal)
  • (Foreign)

High Advisor(s)


link= alliance Statistics as of 9/11/13

Total Nations 8
Strength 49,873
Avg. Strength 6,234
Nukes 0
Aid Efficiency 11 / 36 (30.56%)
Score 0.41
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Brotherhood Without Banners (BWB) is a small alliance on the Multi-Colored sphere. It was founded on 8/04/13.


The alliance was found on 8/04/2013 by Grizz. Recently his account was purged and Redhavk1 took over as the Owner. Redhavk1 than instated a charter and Gov't and was assigned as the leader, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of the alliance. The alliance is currently guarded by the Terran Empire as a protectorate.


Brotherhood Without Banners

Preamble -

This charter serves as the guiding hand of the alliance and therefore has been agreed upon by all nations.

Article I - Government

Chief Executive Officer (5*) (CEO):

- The leader of the alliance, has the authority to act unilaterally in the best interests of the alliance. - May, but is not required to, also hold one or more Gov’t positions. - May appoint or remove any member to any position in the alliance. - May choose to take direct control over any office, for the best interests of the alliance. - Is expected to, but not required to, discuss all major decisions that are not time critical with the other 5 stars. - Has final approval or rejection of all treaties. - Is the only one able to declare the alliance at war. - Position is permanent, except for retirement or removal. If the CEO is lost or remove from office the five stars simply move up and replace.

Chief Administrative Officer(s) (5*) (CAO):

- The heads of the 4 departments; Defense, Foreign Affairs, Finance, and Internal Affairs - May appoint staff as needed to effectively operate their departments. - Are expected to assist in other departments as needed to maintain alliance operations. - When a seat is vacant, new Chief Administrative Officers must be approved by majority vote of other 5 stars.. - May be removed from office by unanimous vote of other 5 stars. - Expected to discuss and vote on all alliance matters that are not time critical. - May willingly retire to a High Advisor position.

Deputy Administrative Officer(s) (DAO):

- May be appointed by the CAO of there respected department, or CEO to any department. - May be replaced if proven to be ineffective in there respected department. - Multiple Deputies may be assigned to there respected departments on the approval of the CEO. - May or may not have moderation abilities in there respected department. This is solely base on the policy of the CAO of that department.

High Advisor:

- May be appointed by the CEO upon approval of the CAOs. - Has the same access as the CAOs, but lacks moderation abilities. - May take part in discussion of Gov’t, but lacks the ability to vote.


-May be appointed by CAOs, upon approval of the CEO. -Has the same access as the DAOs but lacks moderation abilities.

Article II - Official Color

Currently the alliance will maintain a Multi-Colored policy. This is expected to change however in the future.

Article III - Raiding

Raiding is strictly forbidden. Any attacks on members will be treated as a defensive battle and orders will be issued to attack the nation who attacked our own.

Article IV - We’re Totally Not Done

This charter will be replaced in 30 days or less.

Redhavk1 - Chief Executive Officer