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Commonwealth of Broadshore
Flag of Broadshore Royal Seal of Broadshore
National Flag Royal Seal
Location of Broadshore
Overlooking Southview, Queen's Park
Capital None
Official languagess (de jure) None
(de facto) Common (main), Pacifican, Marinese
Demonym Shorean
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Executive
Queen's Privy Council for Broadshore
- Quasi-legislature Court of Delegates
- Quasi-judiciary Court of Magistrates
- Self-government
- Sovereignty Act
- Accession to GPA

July 1, 1987
November 22, 2006
November 24, 2006
Major Religions Multiple
Total Area 174 sq. kilometers
(67 sq. miles)
Total Population
- Ethnic Groups
Alliance Affiliation Green Protection Agency
Currency Shorean Pound (BSP)
(International Symbol £)
Nominal GDP
- Total
- Per Capita
2010 estimate
£ 32.20 billion
£ 173,510
Literacy Rate 100%
Internet TLD .cbs
Driving Lane Left
Time Zone UTC -10

Broadshore, officially the Commonwealth of Broadshore, is a city-state in the central Pacific.



Broadshore is a small and heavily urbanised city-state located at the eastern tip of the Central Pacifican Island Chain. Situated in the central Pacific ocean at about 3,000 kilometeres from the nearest continent and with a total area measuring just 174 square kilometers, Broadshore is notable for its geographical isolation and population density.


Moderated by its mid-ocean location, Broadshore's climate is characterized by low precipitation, uniform temperature and abundant sunshine. The hottest months are generally August and September, with very little rainfall during the summer dry season and most precipitation occurring during the winter months of October through March.

Weather Data for Broadshore
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average high (°C) 27 27 28 28 29 31 31 32 33 31 29 28
Average low (°C) 19 19 19 20 21 22 23 24 23 23 22 20
Precipitation (mm) 69.3 59.7 48 28.2 19.8 10.9 12.7 11.7 18.8 55.4 57.7 72.4

Urban Geography[]

Most residential and commercial development occurs on the eastern side of the territory, with major industrial activity situated in the south. The Marina Peninsula features low density development and is the education and research hub of the region. While over 70% of the territory's landmass is developed, with about 50% of the remaining land area reserved as natural parks and reserves.


Broadshore is a constitutional monarchy, with the Queen acting as the head of state. While the Queen retains broad reserve powers, they are rarely exercised by constitutional convention. De facto power rests with the primary institutions of government, exclusive of the Queen personally.

The primary institutions of government are:

  • Queen's Privy Council for Broadshore
  • Court of Delegates
  • Court of Magistrates

Executive and legislative power rests with the Queen's Privy Council for Broadshore. The position of Governor-General, who chairs the Privy Council, is the head of government. In accordance with the Constitution of Broadshore, the power of the Privy Council is checked by the democratically elected Court of Delegates, while the independent and influential Court of Magistrates serves as the commonwealth's watchdog agency. Members of the Privy Council are appointed by the Queen with the approval and advice of the Court of Delegates.

Foreign Relations and Military[]

Economy and Infrastructure[]

Society and Culture[]