Although the military of Brickizuela has never been experienced in war as yet, they are a strong force dedicated to protecting their people. Brickizuela is proud to have a strong military, protecting their people and alliance from harm.


Commanded by General Moldov, an ex-Soviet general, the Army is a strong force, meshed together to form a fierce fighting force. It consists of two regiments of 3000 men each, divided into 3 divisions of 1000 men. In total, the Army has 7000 soldiers and 200 officers. The efficiency in peace time is 150% of the total men.

During peacetime, Brickizuela does not have any tanks and maintains around 20% of the total population in soldiers. During war, the army is increased to around 60% of the population, and has a defending tank force of around 1000 tanks, each with a 60 mm gun and 3 machine guns on a mobile turret.

Most of the men live in Barracks in Brickacas.

Air ForceEdit

With several new planes in development, the Air Force is a developed and strong force. It constantly has around 10 F-86's and has the opportunity to buy more fighters and bombers. It has one squadron: 266 Squadron based in Brickacas at Brick Leader International Airport.


Brickizuela, although it has an ocean nearby, has less than 100 miles of coastline, and few rivers, except for one going into a neighboring nation. Therefore, it is not suitable to have a navy.

Cruise MissilesEdit

Brickizuela maintains enough money and resources to build at least 10 missiles every day, but maintains no missiles until time of war.

Project AlpineEdit

Brickizuela has a top-secret nuclear project in development, and has discovered vast reserves of Uranium. This has enabled nuclear research to take place, to hopefully have a missile tested within 2 months.

Border and Airport SecurityEdit

Brickizuela has an advanced defense system to ensure that no invaders or any other unwanted people visit Brickizuela.. Border guards use electric scanners to scan all immigrants, and are equipped with non-lethal weapons such as stun-guns. Airport security has been updated with the latest tools every year, and airports are policed with army soldiers.

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