Fact BookEdit

Capital: Brickacas, pop 15262

Major cities: Port The Cross Port Brick Valley of the Brick Marabrick Flag:

Flag of Brickizuela:

Golden Brickerica separated by the Atlantic from Bloody MegaSpain

Green Fields Star of Liberty

Official languages: English (used as official language) Spanglish (Common Language)

Ethnic groups: Mixed (Mainly Native, Spanish, and Mestizo)

Demonym: Minifigure

Government: Monarchy (Constitutional Monarchy)
Monarch: Legoboyvdlp VII, son of Prince Philip II and Princess Margaret.
Chancellor: Raymond Maurice Guevara (Christian Coalition of Leaders)

Legislature: Nationial Bricksembly

Founding: Megspanish Colony since 1826 Independence Feb 9 2014 (242 days)

Area: 1,314.211

Population: 66,361 (October 2014 census)

Criminals: 0 (227 re-hab'd ) Working Citizens: 47,634 Tax Income: $3,137,175.24 / collection (TAXINCOME=WORKINGCITIZENS*AVGTAXPERCITIZEN)

Military personnel: 18,500 1800 reservists
6 Navy
60 planes
0 tanks

Average Income $254.48

Economy Rating: Solid Currency: Brickizuelan Peso Infrastructure: 5,285.90

Resources: Uranium and Coal

Environment: 6.00 GRL: 5.00 Happiness: 56.68 - Your population is pleased. Tax Level: 28% Crime Index: 0 (708 score)

Time zone: UTC -4:30 (does not observe Daylight Savings)

Drives on: Right side of road

Motto: The LORD is our strength and our shield; Psalm 28:7 (Official)

National anthem: To God be the Glory (Religious) (Fanny Crossby, 1872)

Nation Views

Nation Views Political Views: Center-Left Wing

Military Views: All citizens complete compulsory two-year military service, after which time they enter the Reserve, and may be called up in time of war. There is a standing army of 2,600. Some types of citizens are exempt from this rule if they fall under a reserved occupation.

Nuclear Views: Brickizuela believes that nuclear weapons are not necessary. They promote the use of nuclear power as an alternate energy source.

Citizenship Views: All persons residing in Brickizuela may become citizens if: a. Themselves, a parent, or grandparent were born in Brickizuela b. If so, they renounce other nationalities except those theirs by birth, and become naturalized, passing a test, a security check, and taking an oath. All persons born in Brickizuela with a. both parents Minifigures b. both mother/father and mother/father's family are Minifigures

If they do not become citizens, they may get a residence permit, or stay for up to 6 months under a visa. Persons holding Religious and Professional Visas automatically receive Residence Permission.

Drug and Gay Policy:

Drugs are not permitted without doctors orders, and an approved Form 173b. Brickizuela believes marriage to be between man and woman, and all other forms are considered illegal.

Trade Policy: All trade is hereby cut off with enemies of my alliance, countries with history of inhuman treatment, and Communist countries.

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