Brick leader International Airport ICAO code: BBLI, is the largest airport serving Brickizuela. It is located on a large peninsula near Brickacas, the capital of Brickizuela. It has destinations to both international and domestic airports with many airlines.


Built in in 1945, as a servicing station for B-17's and B-24's the airport quickly became a popular destination in the early 60's. As tourism in Brickizuela increased quickly, a quicker way was needed to reach the country, so the airport was renovated to accommodate larger airliners by pouring an asphalt runway, a concrete taxiway, and building a small building with a tin roof. The first terminal was built in 1968 and functioned alone until 1972 when the International and Domestic Terminals were built. The original terminal closed, but soon became the base for the new control tower, when ATC was implemented in late 1872. Priorly, airliners used UNICOM, since no aircraft larger than a 737 could land. This changed in 1978 when the main runway was extended to 10,000 feet and received lighting and special paving. Jetways, and a new ramp were also installed. In 1982 it was equipped with Instrument Landing System. In 1985 a new terminal was built, with large gates capable to receive the new 747-400 and 777 in development. In the same year, a hangar capable to hold two 747's or 3 737's was built with mantanience facilities. Due to the large demands for cargo, in 1994 a cargo terminal was built and the three passenger terminals revamped with the latest safety features. In 1999 and 2000, an even longer runway at 13,500 feet was built capable to accommodate the new 777-300 or the A3XX in development. After 9/11, the airport was completely remodernised with even more safety features.


The airport has 2 parallel runways, on both sides of the airport. The four terminals (Intl 1, Domestic 1, International 2, and Cargo 1) are in the center of the airport, with the hangar on the right and a parking space to the left. A monorail connects the airport entrance, and each of the terminals. Buses travel to and from the airport to the city center and the nearby hotels. There are 50 gates in each of the International Terminals, and 24 in the Domestic, along with 16 Cargo Parking Spots. also, there are 20 further ramps for GA aircraft in the parking spot and 30 for larger airplanes. This gives a total of 124 jetway-equipped gates and 50 non jetway equipped gates.


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