In late August, 2007, numerous GUARD alliances left the Grand Union, greatly weakening the bloc.



CSN member IronSoldier820 summed up the situation with a statement in Sparta's resignation thread.

One night Sparta said they were thinking about leaving GUARD and nearly everyone else said the same, so we came to the conclusion GUARD's time had past and to move on... We wanted to end it nice and easily by disbanding it, but ASC went ahead and jumped the gun and left while we were trying to set it up. Either way, NADC never logged an official on for representation so we never could get along to disbanding it these past few days.

Political FalloutEdit

GUARD did not permit member alliances to sign MDPs with outside powers, so the rapid independence of so many sizable alliances led to some level of competition among established powers to befriend as many as possible.

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