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Braunschweig Tank Division
Emblem of the Braunschweig Tank Division
Active February 28th 2009-present
Country Duchy of Brunswick
Role Tank Division
Size 1,500
Colors Blue, Gold, Grey, White
Engagements Karma War
Decorations Duchess' Gallantry Medal, Duchess' Armed Services Medal, Tank Division Medal of Honor, Tank Division Medal for Valor
Gen. Fynn Schulz

The Braunschweig Tank Division is the branch of the Military of the Duchy of Brunswick that provides support for ground operations and defense of the nation with their fleet of tanks.


The Braunschweig Tank Division is made of the BTD Active Forces and BTD Reserve Unit.


If any citizen should meet the following criteria, they may enlist in the Braunschweig Tank Division:

  • Aged no less than 18 years old but aged no more than 55 years old.
  • Have a clean bill of health from a licensed physician.
  • Successfully complete a diploma at a secondary educational institution or an equivalent diploma program at another institution.

The Braunschweig Tank Division is composed entirely of volunteers. Soldiers serve a term of 6 years minimum ensuring that they are well trained and experienced. After they are discharged soldiers may still be called up as reservists in the event of a war if needed. The Braunschweig Tank Division provides benefits to its soldiers including exclusion from taxes during service, free health care for self and dependents during service, free college, and a reliable pension.


Major Bases[]

  • Wolfenbüttel Military Complex
  • Königslutter BTD Barracks
  • Braunschweig Military Academy & BTD Base
  • Lehre BTD Base
  • Braunlage BTD Base
  • Gandersheim BTD Base


The Braunschweig Tank Division was established on February 28th 2009.