capital city of the
Duchy of Brunswick
Wappen Braunschweig.svg
City Flag
Braunschweig Kohlmarkt
The Kohlmarkt in Braunschweig.
Nation Duchy of Brunswick
Location 52°16′9″N 10°31′16″E
Area 74.18 mi2
Population 250,000

Braunschweig (pronounced ['bʁaʊnʃvaɪk]) is the capital of the Duchy of Brunswick.


Its history is uncertain but tradition says that a merger took place in the 860s between two settlements in the area. The capital’s name was originally Brunswik, a combination of the name Bruno and wik, a place where merchants rested and kept their goods put away for safekeeping. The name was modified in the 1030s to Brunesguik, meaning a place that was developed after the land was cleared by fires.

Braunschweig became the capital of Duke Henry the Lion when he made the Duchy his state in the 1100s. After the downfall of the Duke, the Duchy became a member of the historical trading monopoly called the Hanseatic League from the 13th century until midway through the 17th century when it joined the Holy Roman Empire. It became a member state of the German Empire after leaving the Holy Roman Empire. After the Duchy of Brunswick ceased ties with the German Empire upon the departure of Princess Victoria, the Duchy became a member state of the Republic of Aquisgrana.

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