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===Winter Election===
===Spring Election===
===Spring Election===
===Summer Election===
===Summer Election===

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Winter Election

Spring Election

Summer Election

End of Isolationism; Beginning Friendships: Project Manifest Destiny

After Nate1865 June victory, a great growth and public publicity began as apart of project Manifest Destiny. Though the Knights of Christ had fallen, two alliance within the Knights of Christ, The Holy Crusaders and Irish Republican Army, both merged into the alliance bringing their leadership and their members.

The Manifest Destiny program appears to have been successful, as the alliance has nearly tripled in size and strength in less than half a year's time. At New Year's Eve 2007, the alliance had approximately 38 nations and 380,000 nation strength. By the end of June, the CCC had recruited its 100th member, but more importantly, their NS as of 6 July 2008 (8:34 PM server time) had officially passed the 1 million Nation Strength mark.

In June and July of 2008, the CCC stepped out on a limb somewhat, into the realm of global politics, in what many of the CCC's older members called a true departure from the isolationism of the past. While the alliance tries to be friendly with all diplomats, they have been particularly close with the New Polar Order and the Greenland Republic. The CCC signed MDP's with the Greenland Republic and New Polar Order. These agreements were viewed by the alliance as great leaps to gaining prestige and honor throughout the OWF and alliance aboard, but also as a final step away from the alliance prior stances toward global politics and relationships between the CCC and other alliances.

Nate1865 Steps Down; Keystoke Steps In

Real life circumstances force the newly elected Nate1865 to step down. Keystroke stepped up the role and appointed Anton Chenoa, former Minister of Internal Affairs, to the position of Vice Chancellor.

Great War V: War of the Coalitions

On the night of 14 August 2008, the Christian Coalition of Countries were declared on by three alliances: the Global Order of Darkness, The Templar Knights, and the Frontline Formation Coalition, all Maroon alliances. They were given the name the Maroon Coalition.

The DoW stated on OWF stemmed from two comments made in late May by a CCC member directed at TTK - firstly that CCC did not feel they should enter into a pact with a non-Christian alliance. This may have been taken out of context as CCC had more recently signed MDPs with New Polar Order and Greenland Republic, and the reason for the standoffish on the part of the member stemmed from the possible merger of two now-defunct blocs, the Kingdom of Heaven and The Knights of Christ. However, it still resulted in a private apology and the reprimand of that member by the CCC's High Council.

The same member was later reprimanded for insulting a non-Christian who was a high-ranking member of TTK. These were brought up by the attacking parties in their DoWs.

The true cause of war, however was stated by a GOD member. The member later admitted that their motivations were more basic - to prevent the CCC from helping out their MDP allies of Greenland Republic and New Polar Order, and that it was done partially for the lulz.

The CCC Military activated slowly, causing internal strife and a fast CCC road to defeat. Several members did not realize that the CCC was at war until several days after the deceleration of war. The MoFA acted quickly to initiate peace talks between the alliances.

Both sides strove to secure at least basic reconciliation. CCC Chancellor KeyStroke apologized publicly, while Minister of Foreign Affairs Ogden Chichester and his gracious character won over many on both sides of the war, as did the actions of GOD leader Xiphosis and TTK members Wiccan High Priest, Isabella, and Ariston.

The war damage was heavy, taking out roughly 20% of the CCC's overall strength. Among the hardest-hit nations were Wolfpackland, Uralica, and Demiria. However, as the peace talks started early, the war also met an early end on this front. What the CCC called "The Maroon Coalition", that is, GOD, TTK, and FFC, declared peace on 18 August 2008, with very mild surrender terms:

  1. The CCC had to alter Article V of its Charter to reflect a non-interventionist policy
  2. The CCC had to drop its MDPs with NpO and GR
  3. The CCC were prohibited from aiding any alliance involved in the War of the Coalition.

There was scant criticism of either side after this war ended, and many of the members of each side gained respect for the other. There was however one unfortunate incident where a CCC member was deleted for flagrant OOC attacks, and this member has consequently been expelled from the alliance.

Fall Elections of 2008

Great Division

Black Monday and the End of the Old Guard Era

Bright New Future

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