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Written by Buzzboygt, Director of Records of the Christian Coalition of Countries

Foreword to the Books of History[]

The Books of History are an attempt by myself – buzzboygt, Director of Records of the Christian Coalition of Countries – to chronically write the history of the eleventh oldest alliance in Cyber Nations (as of February 2009), the Christian Coalition of Countries. As I go through the archives of the current forum, sift through the SPAM, go through the military victories and defeats, the history and character of the Christian Coalition of Countries shines through. That character is the character of Christ's Church, not the red brick buildings (or the wooden ones depending on your personal location), but the character of Christ. Through the hard times, through the good times, the men and women, girls and boys, that make up the Christian Coalition of Countries have created a nation for one overal purpose, to glorify God on Cyber Nations, and have fun doing it. The following is their story.

Early History[]

The Early History of the CCC is shrouded in mystery. None of the original members are still around, and the original forums are long gone, but some of the early sessions still remain in the archives that point to what early life in the CCC was about. The Founder of the alliance, Curtis Martin, was the first Chancellor of the CCC, and won his post by unanimous consent. The early workings of the alliance, however, were purely democratic. There was no High Council, there was a Ministers for Foreign Affairs, but the other branches of government were not represented – all of the actions of the alliance were voted on by the Church Body. The CCC operated through Church Body Sessions. Church Body sessions are meetings scheduled by the Chancellor that everyone was recruited to either come, or tell in advanced that they were not able to come. In these meeting, held on the CCC forums (not IRC), the Church Body, Chancellor of the CCC, and Vice-Chancellor of the CCC, would discuss the event of the day. Rogue Wars were a constant threat for the new alliance, along with color politics (the CCC was a Red Color Sphere alliance until the Moldavi Doctrine), and different rules and regulations that should be adopted and placed upon alliance members.

July Church Body Session 2006[]

The attenders of the first Church Body session were Chancellor of the CCC Curtis Martin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Serdiuk, trainnh, trowatheinsane, feurerchastain, inthedark, and englishwales. These members discussed pressing news for the day, including a NAP with the Orange Defense Network, an early ally for the CCC. It is also the last Church Body Session on the original forums, before Alomran and Serdiuk created the current CCC Fourm. The bills that were passed gave Chancellors a life term (an action that was later repealed) and set punishments for not coming to Church body Sessions.