Bon Vin
TypePublic (MX: BNVN)
FoundedQuébec City, Disparu
Founder(s)Antoine Brunault
HeadquartersQuebec City, Disparu
Area servedDisparu
Key peopleAntoine Brunault (CEO)

Bon Vin (MX: BNVN) is a famous wine company based in Disparu. Bon Vin is Disparu's top producer and exporter of various types of wine. Bon Vin's motto is "Le meilleur vin dans le Disparu!" ("The best wine in Disparu!"). The company is notable for having been granted many exceptions in what many perceive to be a strict regulation of alcohol in Disparu.

Bon Vin currently has 15,000 employees, and has vineyards scattered throughout Disparu. Most of its employees work within these vineyards, though others work in the various wine shops maintained by the company throughout the nation.

Bon Vin's most famous product is ice wine, which is produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine, thus resulting in very sweet wine. As the process used to make ice wine is labour-intensive, it is usually expensive. Ice wine is popular amongst the Disparuean elite, and has also gained some popularity in nations such as Zargathia.

Bon Vin currently has ten thousand cases of its finest wine stored within the Beer Vault located in Greenland.

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