Bombing of Trujillo
Part of the Great Pacific War
Prussian bomber bombards Trujillo.
Date May 18, 2011 - May 19, 2011
Location Trujillo, Peru

Prussian Air Force jets and missiles strike Trujillo.

Status Ended; Severe casualties and damage to Trujillo
PrussianWarFlag2 Prussian Empire Peru Peru
PrussianWarFlag2 Alfred von Schliefen
PrussianWarFlag2 Hans Grosse
Peru Trujillo City Government
4,360 Prussian Bombers
300 Prussian Fighters
26 ICCMs
40 AA-Turrets
Casualties and losses
273 Bombers
8 Jets
26 ICCMs Explode Targets
2 ICCMs Missing
267,390 Civilians
23,015 Injured
176,089 Missing
40 AA-Turrets

The Bombing of Trujillo was a major event in the Great Pacific War. On May 18, over 4000 Prussian aircraft were launched from various locations to bombard the major Peruvian city of Trujillo, a bombing run which was meant to coincide with the arrival of 28 cruise missiles that had been launched in previous hours from the Prussian Empire, two of which did not arrive safely. The bombing run dealt a significant blow to the city, destroying most of its infrastructure and due to the nature of the attack killed over 150,000 civilians and another 175,000 went missing in the ensuing panic. The intercontinental cruise missiles were also successful at hitting several important targets around the city, interrupting supply lines and a communication hub.

With over 4000 bombers and stretched out over the course of a day, the Trujillo bombardment is considered to be the largest single bombing campaign in world history.

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