Bombing of New Zealand
Part of the Great Pacific War
Bombing of the capital of New Zealand
Date May 19, 2011
Location New Zealand
Auckland, Gisborne, Wellington, West Coast, Canterbury

Imperial Military orders an air strike on New Zealand as retaliation for UPAC's aggression

Result Numerous civilian casualties; majority of infrastructure reduced to rubble
PACIFIC EMPIRE Pacific Empire New Zealand New Zealand
New Zealand Wayne Mapp
70 Garuda Bombers/Gunships
140 Phoenix Stealth Bombers
55 Thunderbird Strike Fighter
435 Katana Stealth Strike Fighter
260 Katana2 Stealth Strike Fighter
3 Imperial-class Carriers
4 Empire-class Carriers
Casualties and losses
7 Bombers
28 Aircrafts
300,000+ civilians (est.)

The Bombing of New Zealand is the second bombing run made by the STOP Coalition in the Great Pacific War. The Pacific Empire made this as a retaliation attack over the recent invasions of the United Pacific Aligned Coalition on the United States of JBR/Californian Union. The primary targets of the Pacific Empire was the capital, Wellington, and the largest region, Auckland.

New Zealand, one of the founding members of the UPAC, have not taken any direct action against STOP since the beginning of the war. Instead, New Zealand has supported its allies, Chile and Peru, in their combined attacks in the May Offensive by sending money and supplies. The Pacific Empire soon gave the decision to destroy the "supplier" of the UPAC in the American Theater. The Pacific Empire also attacked New Zealand as a preemptive attack for UPAC's threats to destroy the empire.

The bombing was considered a success resulting with the destruction of most infrastructure in various regions of New Zealand and the death of many civilians. However, it caused a condemnation from fellow STOP signatory, the Republic of Bekolan which threatened to attack the Pacific Empire if more bombings took place. This rose controversy and it thus prompted that a diplomatic legal case was to be made at the Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact Justice Court in order to resolve these disagreements. It is still ongoing.

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