Bombing of Aldebaran Baptist Church
Part of the Jihad War
Date March 30, 2011
Location Aldebaran, Union of Midway

National Revolutionary Front bombs Aldebaran Baptist Church to try and prevent the wedding of Midwayan Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto and Empress Rinko Hashimoto.

Status Ended
South Africa Union of Midway RNFflag National Revolutionary Front
South Africa Zabuza Hashimoto*
South Africa Rinko Hashimoto*
South Africa Hua Enlai
RNFflag Gina Loren
1,900 soldiers
50 police officers
20 OCI Agents
350 soldiers
5 suicide bombers
Casualties and losses
153 killed
120 injured
0 missing
7 Civilians Killed
235 killed
15 injured
0 missing
*Did not actually command the battle

The Bombing of Aldebaran Baptist Church was an attack made by the National Revolutionary Front (FNR) on the Union of Midway. On March 29, 2011, 11:59 PM, FNR posted a video on the internet warning Midwayan Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto not to marry Midwayan Empress Rinko Hashimoto because she was a commoner. The next day Zabuza and Rinko learned of this video, but choose to ignore it and that they would go ahead with the wedding as scheduled. They went to Aldebaran Baptist Church, the church that the wedding was originally planned to take place in, in order to see how the setting up the wedding was going. About 30 minutes after they arrived, 5 men walked into the church wearing rather large jackets. These jackets were later found to have contained explosives. The men went to different area's of the church, and blew themselves up, killing 5 people and a priest. The Midwayan military was immediately deployed 50 police officers arrived on the scene as well. Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto and Empress Rinko Hashimoto were about to be taken to a safe location by OCI Agents when a group of 30 National Revolutionary Front soldiers attacked them and their guards while another group of National Revolutionary Front soldiers attacked the other soldiers attacked the soldiers and police officers at the scene so they couldn't assist the Emperor. A civilian named Amulia Goswami saw the Emperor in need of help and attacked the National Revolutionary Front soldiers, providing a small distraction, but it was enough to allow Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto and Empress Rinko Hashimoto to escape. However Amulia himself was killed doing this. By 3:00 PM the military had cleared most of the area, but it remained in lockdown until 4:00 PM before being declared clear. Gina Loren was later identified as the commanding officer of the group, but managed to escape.

Amulia Goswami was awarded a Red Civilian Medal of Honor for saving the life of the Emperor and Empress at the cost of his own. Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto and Empress Rinko Hashimoto had to reschedule their wedding. Fortunately most of the things inside the church set up for the wedding remained undamaged and only had to choose another church for the wedding and the wedding was delayed by only 1 day. The OCI has taken drastic measures to ensure that this doesn't happen to the other church and nothing happens at the wedding itself. They have also made firm decisions to improve security protection for any government official in the Union of Midway. Gina Loren is now in the OCI's list of top 10 wanted people.

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