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Bomberboy is the Minister of Internal Affairs for Fallen Knights. He has been through a few alliances and even tried to start a couple of new ones, which unfortunately didn't go quite as planned. He has been playing for around 8 months. and has re-rolled once.


Bomberboy has been through a few aliances during his short time in Cybernations including; Soldier and then Black Star 10 Which was the first alliance Bomberboy tried to create. Black Star 10 then became United National States. A democratic style alliance. Again this alliance didn't go so well. After he joined up with Gabe Logan, Now known as Zhaan and helped to create the Central Defense Corps. After the CDC disbanded, Bomberboy created his latest alliance, The Coalition of Defensive Nations, along with former CDC members.


Bomberboy's first war happened when he was the Deputy Minister of Defense for Soldier when TPF declared war on the new alliance. The Phoenix Federation were Soldier's Protectors until rumours of spying and deceipt came around from other alliances. TPF canceled the Protecterate treaty and declared war on Soldier. Following orders from high ranking Ministers, Bomberboy went into peace mode along with other members of the alliance. He found out that the leaders of soldier were spies and had told lies to TPF and after discovering this he left the alliance.


After leaving soldier in the Middle of the war many stronger alliances believed he was unfaithful when he approached them for talks of protection for his new alliance. They believed he wasn't worthy to run an alliance as he would run if it went to war.


Bomberboy's role in Karma was to fight with his alliance, the Central Defense Corps. Which he did until the CDC disbanded.

Current Roles[]

After talks with Fallen Knights over a merger the Coalition of Defensive Nations Merged into FK. Bomberboy became the Minister of Internal Affairs which is position currently.