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The Boliance is a military and economic alliance that promotes expansion and prosperity. The goal of the Boliance is to eventually become the most powerful alliance in cybernations, through rapid expansion at all costs.

The Boliance Charter

1. Unite & Conquer: The Boliance is both an offensive and defensive alliance. We seek to strengthen our position, and expand our influence over this cyber world. Smaller, weaker nations, as well as stronger, more powerful nations must either join the Boliance under the leadership of the Führer Bob Dole, or succumb to mounting aggression. The Boliance members must stand strong, develop rapidly and react unanimously in order to survive, and expand. If any nation within the Boliance decides to declare war on another, that nation will be destroyed by the immediate reaction from the rest of the Boliance.

Also, the color of the Boliance is brown.

2. Casus Belli: There need not be any legitimate reason for war, only something presentable, preferably portrayed well enough so as to make it look as if the victim was the aggressor. No nation within the Boliance needs to justify their cause for war, so long as it leads to a potential expansion of the Boliance and it's hegemony.

3. Council: There must be one supreme ruler for the Boliance, one secondary and two tertiary leaders. During the Boliance Council meetings, the Führer will use elections within the Boliance as ADVISORY aid, but need not heed the results.

4. Leaders: Those nations that develop the most rapidly will receive higher ranking titles, and will have greater authority within the Boliance. There will be no elections of officials. The Führer will appoint the leaders at the beginning of each new month. These leaders will have their opinions more closely examined by the Führer during the Boliance Council meetings, and will automatically have an uncontestable superiority to non-leader nations within the Boliance. Naturally, all nations within the Boliance can become leaders, so long as they develop rapidly, and/or experience gains in war. Smaller nations that have done well will receive aid, and other methods of help to increase their development and strengthen the Boliance.

The leader positions will be as follows:

1.Führer (Bob Dole) 2.Chancellor (Also Acting Minister of Development) 3.Ministers of Defense & Propaganda

All nations must abide the Charter of the Boliance, and must state so before any submission to the Boliance will be considered.

Leaders & ranks within the Boliance

Führer: Bob Dole


Minister of Defense:

Minister of Propaganda:

To submit your nation to the Boliance, visit our forums here:

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