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Bogdanovich (Finn. Pohdanola) is a small Uralican city in Southeast Uralica, 100 km east of Yekaterinburg and 8 km south of Sukhoy Log. Highways UH-2 and UH-2C (which is often referred to as "Uralica's Shortest Highway") pass into or through the city.

Food production is the largest industry within the city, with heavy machinery production, refractory production, ceramics, ferrous metallurgy, and production of farming equipment and feed also having a foothold in the city.


As the name implies, most of Bogdanovich's population is made up of ethnic Russians, although there are also good numbers of Finns and Hungarians, and even a small number of Mansi, in the city.

The city is largely industrial, but there are also a few noteworthy cultural sites, most notably the Central Ural Temple within the Pokrovskaya Convent. Also, there is a very popular concert hall that is modeled after the Filharmonia, and it was completed in March 2009, over half a year before its annexation. Next to it is the Bogdanovich Museum of Fine Arts, which contains visual arts of all types, musical history, and a small drama theatre.

It should be noted that it shares a campus of State College of Uralica with Sukhoy Log because of its proximity to the city.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Fakel Bogdanovich


  • Fakel-Log United FC (Actually plays in Kashina, which is half-way between Sukhoy Log and Bogdanovich. The club office is in Bogdanovich.)

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Bogdanovich
  • Spartak Bogdanovich
  • Dinamo Bogdanovich
  • Transit Bogdanovich
  • Zheleznik Bogdanovich
  • Lokomotiv Bogdanovich
  • Luch Bogdanovich
  • Torpedo Bogdanovich
  • Tsementnik Bogdanovich
  • Ural Bogdanovich
  • Metallurg Bogdanovich
  • Bogdanolan Palloklubi
  • Zenit Bogdanovich

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Bykova
  • Krasnyy Mayak
  • Vishnyovyy
  • Komenki