Bobogoobo Daily
Type Daily National Newspaper
Format unknown
Gov Rep (Owner) Neil C. Northtree
Founded August 31, 2008
Headquarters Halrloprillalar City
Circulation unknown

The Bobogoobo Daily is the official newspaper of Bobogoobo. Because TV is banned in Bobogoobo, almost all citizens receive their news from the Bobogoobo Daily. It is owned and run by the government, and any other newspaper in the nation will not get any financial aid in starting, so most attempts die out after a short time because they can't compete. Because the Bobogoobo Daily is the only news source for the majority of the nation's citizens, special care is taken to remove all bias and misinformation in the newspaper. To this end, half of its editors are government employees from the Department of Publications and the other half is composed of normal citizens. The editor-in-chief is appointed by the Supreme Leader with help from the psychics.

The Bobogoobo Daily has its headquarters in Halrloprillalar and offices in all major cities of Bobogoobo. Each division has its own reporters who report on local news and send their articles to the headquarters, where they are edited and the newspaper is formatted. All printing is done in Bobogoobo - each division prints enough for its region and surrounding area, and the headquarters does the same plus printing copies that will be sent to other nations.

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