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Board of Administrators
V99 Seal
Administrator Overseer Ray Matveyev
Board Members Killswitch, General Damien, Yerushalayim, Biohazard
To act as the legislature for Vault 99; pass new policies, laws, and doctrines for the vault

The Board of Administrators of Vault 99 the primary executive and legislative organ in the Vault's government. The Board of Administrators are a group with a variable membership, whom are appointed or dismissed at the discretion of the Vault Overseer.

Residents may ask questions, press concerns, and give ideas to the Board via the Overseer's person office. The Overseer, acting as chair of the Board of Administrators, may appoint or dismiss members of the board at his/her discretion. Administrators of the five departments of the vault (Rations, Vault Systems, Scouting, Security, SpecOps) are given membership on the board as well as other residents of the vault who may not head a department.

As legislators, they are allowed to propose new legislation or modify past legislation. Policy proposals that do not include treaties with any organization outside of the vault or legislation that amends the Vault 99 Constitution, warrant a simple one-half majority. The Overseer may cast tie-breaking votes with appropriate.

Board History[]

Bold denotes current board member

.....Term..... Member .....Office..... Notes
29 Jul. Ray Matveyev Overseer
29 Jul. Killswitch Deputy Overseer
2 Aug. General Damien Systems Admin Was Administrator for the Department of Refugees to 6 August when it was replaced by the Department for Vault Systems
4 Aug. Yerushalayim SpecOps Admin Sent by Sparta as part of a protectorate advisory program
Appointed Administrator of the Department for Special Operations on 12 August
16 Aug. Biohazard Scouting