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Established 2/5/2008
(4,540 days old)
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New Pacific Order
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Blueline is a longtime member of the New Pacific Order.


Blueline founded the nation of Arctaria in early February 2008. After a two-day stint in MRA, Blueline was persuaded by a friend to join the New Pacific Order. He has been a member ever since.

New Pacific OrderEdit

After joining the NPO, Blueline found work in both the Media Corps and the Diplomatic Corps. Within the Media Corps, Blueline joined up specifically with the Broadcasting Division and works to pump out tunes over Radio Pacifica. Within the Diplomatic Corp, Blueline was the Diplomatic Special Envoy to "Non-Aligned" sphere.

After consistently serving in the Diplo Corps since the spring of 2008, Blueline resigned from the Corps in the summer of 2010. He was also promoted to Mix Master in the Media Corps during this time.


War RibbonsEdit

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