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BADASS is a team color summit meant to extend relations and communications within the Black Sphere. It is hosted by The Shadow Accord, and will be held from July 15 to July 31rst with hopes that as many Black Alliances are in attendance.

BADASS[edit | edit source]

BADASS is an acronym for Black Alliance Diplomatic Advancement Sphere Summit. The summit is open to all Black Alliances for the purpose of communication about sphere events, world events, economics, and opening foreign relations amongst the Black Sphere. It was announced on July 6, 2011 by The Shadow Accord who is hosting the event on their forums. As of the last edit date of this article, 28 Alliances are attending.

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Flag Alliance Abbreviation Representatives
Mflag.jpg \m/ \m/
57th Flag bkp4-a copy.png 57th Overlanders 57th Browncoat, Tom Lehrer, Veneke
ALPOM1.svg Alpha Omega AO
AmazonPeace.jpg Amazon Nation AzN Randalla
444.jpg Asgaard ASG Gambona, Spankthefrank, Commander Thrawn, Chesire Cat
Placeholder Flag.svg Dark Nation Federation DNA Prodigal Moon, Auditore
Flag of The Dark Templar.jpg The Dark Templar DT Supa_Troop3r
Dfa flag.png Darkfall DF Daikos
TFEBcrossflag.jpg First Earth Battalion FEB ALT3RNAT1V3
Cngoonsflag.png Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence, and Sadism GOONS KingShibby, Sardonic, SirWilliam, Emperor Marx
Hllogo.png The Hanseatic League THL
Hol flag.jpg The House of Lords HoL
Flag2k.png Justice League of Armenia JLA Junior, DDolla
Kortflag.png Knights of the Round Table KoRT trash
Flag of LoSS.jpg League of Small Superpowers LoSS Destroyer, andyt2k, legion-x
Menotah flag copy.jpg Menotah Menotah Joey67500
MERC Flag 03.PNG Military Establishment of Righteous Countries MERC
Flag of NG.png Non Grata NG MikeTheFirst, Arexes, Diabloz
Flag of Nordreich.svg Nordreich NoR Vinzent Zeppelin
Osaflag.jpg Open Source Alliance OSA
FlagRose.jpg Order of the Black Rose OBR Hime Themis, Lady Kirke, Marine Sniper
OrdoTeutonicusFlag.png Ordo Teutonicus OT xR1 Fatal Instinct, Lord Augustine
PaxFlag3.jpg Pax Corvus PAX Cerridwyn, Sun WuKong, Muskrat
RosFlagSmall.png The Rosicrucians TR The Keeper
TSA Flag.png The Shadow Accord TSA General Milienius, EGrievous, WorldPeace, ConRed
Flag of Sparta.svg Sparta Sparta Silent Spectre, HEoH, Jap468
SymFlagWave2nd.png Symphony Sym John Diesel
TYR-Mini-Flag.jpg Through Yggdrasil's Roots TYR StarGazing
Umbrella.svg Umbrella Umb Johnny Apocalypse, Chief Savage Man, Raken

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