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Bipolar War
Date January 20—April 4, 2010*
Casus belli NpO-\m/ War: Alleged moral and behavioral misconduct
TOP-C&G War: Preemptive strike against expected \m/ coalition combatants
Result NpO-\m/ War: White peace on most fronts
TOP-C&G War: C&G victory, continued fighting between the Grämlins, IRON, and DAWN*
Preceded by
57th-BC War
Succeeded by
Linked and Sub-Conflicts
NpO-\m/ War, TOP-C&G War, Second Grämlins-IRON War


^  SuperMarioForce (SMF) issued no official declaration of war but launched numerous wars against Nemesis.
^  R&R is listed under the League of Extraordinary Oranges but is also a member of the SuperFriends.
^  GOD, CSN, RIA, and MA are listed under the SuperFriends while TOH is listed under Teen Titans but all five are also members of the Chestnut Accords.
^  Kronos issued no official declaration of war but launched numerous wars against the Foreign Division.
^  Valhalla is listed under Duckroll, but is also a member of Poseidon.
^  All three member alliances of Blood For Friends are also members of the Common Defense Treaty.
^  Invicta is listed under the Common Defense Treaty, but is also a member of Poseidon.
^  FoB is listed under C&G, but is also a member of NOIR.
^  GOD and CSN made no official declarations of war as part of the TOP-C&G conflict, but are listed as combatants in said conflict due to their existing and continued front against NSO that has carried over from the NpO-\m/ War, in which they did make official declarations.
10 ^  GOD, CSN, RIA, and MA are listed under the SuperFriends and TOH is listed under Teen Titans, but they are all also members of the Chestnut Accords and Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon.
11 ^  R&R is listed under the SuperFriends, but is also a member of the League of Extraordinary Oranges.
12 ^  OSA is listed under Checkmate., but is also a member of NOIR.
13 ^  This front closed in a separate peace on July 31, 2010
"NpO-\m/ War" redirects here. For the war involving the NpO and the first \m/, see Unjust War.
See also: TOP-C&G War

The Bipolar War, sometimes referred to by several other names, is a global nuclear alliance war which encompasses two major and differentiated sub-conflicts: the NpO-\m/ War and the TOP-C&G War. The first phase of the war, the NpO-\m/ War, began on January 20, 2010 when the New Polar Order declared war on \m/, while the second phase, the TOP-C&G War, began with a preemptive attack on the Complaints and Grievances Union by the Order of the Paradox on January 28.

For a list of individuals who fought in the Bipolar War see: Category:Bipolar War veteran.

Initial Cause[]

The initial Polar declaration was made on allegations that a member of \m/ made racist comments towards AlmightyGrub, the Emperor of the New Polar Order, when he visited their IRC channel on the SynIRC server to voice his grievances with them over a raid on the Forces of Annihilation. AlmightyGrub, however, stated that the true rationale for the war was neither the racial comments nor the raid; rather, that those were merely examples of a wider "attitude" that he disliked and wished to see punished. This is supported by the fact that \m/ had already apologized for the aforementioned racist remarks before the beginning of the war, though some, especially NpO and its supporters, have questioned the sincerity of the apology as no action was taken against the member responsible other than a verbal reprimand.


Poison Clan declared war on NpO late in the day on January 20, and FOK declared war on NpO on January 24 via the Cyber Nations Wiki (the declaration was later re-posted on the Cyber Nations Forums). The New Sith Order declared war on January 24 following the reactivation of the Cyber Nations Forums, with the Federated Allied Independence League, a microalliance led by Rebel Virginia, declaring on all alliances at war with NpO and NSO shortly thereafter. The Stickmen declared war on NpO immediately prior to the January 25 update. Poison Clan has had many large nations join their ranks over the course of the war from multiple alliances to aid in their fight, as has NpO.

On January 25, Nusantara Elite Warriors issued a public statement to discourage alliances from joining the war on the side of the New Polar Order, while clarifying that the announcement was not a declaration of neutrality. Part of the statement read:

"Nusantara will not lend a hand to help a nation's poor attempt to police the world, nor will Nusantara help defending any alliances who get attacked for trying to support this carefully orchestrated pseudo-morality crusade, directly or indirectly."

Numerous declarations of war were made on both sides approaching the January 26 update, drawing the Valor Accords, AZTEC, and the League of Extraordinary Oranges into the conflict. The forums went offline again prior to the January 27 update, resulting in further declarations being made via the Cyber Nations Wiki. After initially issuing a statement saying declarations were not to be made on the Wiki, the Wiki administration established a separate forum for declarations of war to be made in.

On January 27, two members of the Peace and Love Train Accords, TFD and NADC, entered the war alongside their mutual ally, NATO. Immediately prior to the January 28 update, numerous alliances entered the war on both sides, resulting in the inclusion of the entirety of the Terra-Cotta Pact in the conflict.


The war took a drastic turn late in the day on January 27, with numerous alliances, including the initial combatants, concluding peace following a preemptive declaration of war on the Complaints and Grievances Union by the Order of the Paradox. This began a second phase of the war, the TOP-C&G War, and resulted in the war being classified as a global conflict. Following a NpO-\m/ white peace, the name Second Unjust War began being used more widely to refer to the conflict following its overall victory in an online poll.


As the war has progressed, various names have been used to describe it. Other less commonly used names for the conflict include the Second Unjust War, the Winter War, the Cluster@#$% War, and the Short Bus War.

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NpO-\m/ War[]

Declarations of War[]

January 20

January 21

January 23

January 24

January 25

January 26[1]

January 27

January 28


  • 1 ^  Many of these were in-game declarations which were waged as the Cyber Nations Forums went offline. Formal declarations of war were made by other means or not at all, with many alliances announcing their declarations via the Cyber Nations Wiki or waiting to post declarations until after the Cyber Nations Forums came back online.

Withdrawals and Surrenders[]

January 28

January 29

January 30


Score Gains/Loses

TOP-C&G War[]

Declarations of War[]

TOP & Co.[]
January 28
January 31
February 2
February 3
February 4
February 5
February 6
February 7
February 8
February 9
February 10
February 11
February 13
February 14
February 15
February 20
C&G & Co.[]
January 28

January 29

January 30

January 31

February 1
February 2
February 3
February 4
February 5
February 6
February 7
February 8
February 9
February 10
February 11
February 12
February 14
February 15

Withdrawals and Surrenders[]


Nation Strength
Score Gains/Loses
Wars (Aggressive and Defensive)
Wars (At war with whom)

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Grämlins-related threads[]


A timeline of the participation in this war by various significant alliances and blocs. Vertical black lines indicate Sundays, starting at January 24, 2010.

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