Biff Cantrell was an active member of NationStates for several months, but became dissatisfied with the lack of control he had over his nation itself. In his own words, “except for answering a couple of policy questions a day, I had no impact of how my nation developed”. So when a member of his NationStates alliance mentioned Cyber Nations, which had the ability to determine how one’s nation grew and developed, he decided to migrate over.

Biff liked the people in his NationStates alliance, but “there wasn’t enough to do” so he became a member of Invicta for approximately two and a half months. Craving more involvement, Biff’s attention turned to the alliance that allowed for as high level of involvement as the individual member wanted --- the New Pacific Order (NPO).

Biff Cantrell started off in New Pacific Order of the NPO and was also an Imperial Ambassador as well as Special Envoy within the Diplomatic Corps. He was also the Squad Leader of the Executor Squad in Zeta Battalion, which in his own words, is “the position I am perhaps most proud and fondest of”. Biff was also active in Military Intelligence, Councilor in the Council Pacifica, Professor at the Pacific University (Pac U), Lead Advisor of the Mentor Corps, and an Academy Instructor.

Biff Cantrell’s military career with the NPO consists of fighting in the InFANtile War, Woodstock Massacre, Wolfpack War, and several Legion deserters, rogues, and violators of the Moldavi Doctrine.

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