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The Bible or Holy Bible is the holy book of Christianity.

The Bible in Cyber NationsEdit

These different views that the three major branches of Christianity have toward the Bible can have a major influence on the role-play of religious nations within Cyber Nations. It can have effects on national culture, political freedoms, and diplomatic relations. Catholic nations often tend to hold their clergy and ecclesiastical institutions in very high regard. Orthodox nations can be characterized as looking to their traditions and cooperative efforts for inspiration, guidance, and solidarity. Protestant nations tend to be more independant, industrious, and self-reliant.

In the game, Catholic countries are often drawn toward each other due to ecclesiastical institutions that are held in common and are centered on the Pope's authority. Rival claims to the Papal throne, however, can throw the Catholic community in disarray, creating rival factions struggling for control over those ecclesiastical institutions that are meant to bind them together. Orthodox nations often seek each other out in mutually cooperative efforts to safeguard their traditions and way of life. These unions, however, can sometimes appear to be more based on common ethnicity and language, with religion being simply a secondary cultural by-product of the common ethnic ties. Protestant nations have tried to band together in the past, but have yet to prove the ability to unite in any long-term group of any size and significance. This is likely due to their love of freedom and distrust of centralized authority. Disagreements within Protestantism over various schools of thought (Calvinism, Lutheranism, Pentecostalism, etc.) can also sometimes prevent strong bonds of lasting unity. These actions and behaviors within the game can often be traced back to how a Christian religious nation and its leadership views the Bible as a source of authority and guidance.

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