Bi-Cycle War
Date January 16th, 2021 - January 31st, 2021
Casus belli For perceived hostile actions aganinst RFI and Oculus
Result Status Quo Ante Bellum
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Easter War

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The Legion

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New Pacific Order

Independent Republic of Orange Nations

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The Phoenix Federation (2nd)

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Ordo Cyberneticus


Non Grata

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  • Kashmir War Flag.jpg SirWilliam
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The Bi-Cycle War was a war that was fought between Roll For Initiative, Oculus, Boognish, & Non Grata over RFI's and Oculus's perceived hostility and rogue behavior from Boognish and Non Grata. A likely secondary cause was bad blood between the blocs involved (The Snake Eyes War, Yin-Yang War, Hazardous Materials War, & CLAWS-TIE War).

Prelude[edit | edit source]

At the end of the Yin-Yang War, RFI, Oculus, and Non Grata agreed to a Non Aggression Pact, originally lasting for 96 days, before being renewed by RFI & Non Grata in September 2020. The peace deal that Non Grata accepted stated that they could not act in any aggressive or hostile manner towards RFI or Oculus as long as the probationary period was active, the original 96 days.

After the war ended Claude, CLAWS's Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Canik, the Mad King of Freehold of The Wolves, and Lord Windmark, the Consul of Foreign Affairs of The Legion, to discuss the future. Within that conversation, they talked about many things, including possibly trying to overtake New Pacific Order and Oculus as the most powerful alliances and bloc in the game. These talks were concurrent with Non Grata's discussions of creating an additional bloc and their coordination with a variety of alliances including in back channels, primarily toward anti-CLAWS and anti-NPO sentiment. Some of the alliances that were mentioned include Fark, the New Polar Order, and even CCC. Doombird Doomcave was also approached by Non Grata to this end at one point. Furthermore, additional rumors which were confirmed as originating from Non Grata had surfaced that claimed CLAWS was leaving Roll For Initiative, in order to attempt to create confusion and misinformation between RFI bloc members.

The aforementioned conversation even shifted to include plans to leverage the RFI relationship to force Argent and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization into precarious situations that would intentionally create treaty conflicts. Eventually, that conversation petered out ended without any further debate on the subject. While it played a role in the prelude of events, it was not a significant part of any of the lead up or planning of the war.

On September 25th, 2020, CLAWS declared war on The Imperial Entente, for Lucius Optimus's attempted intelligence campaign against CLAWS. This war ended with Lucius's resignation and more bad blood between the two spheres. Throughout this time, members of The Imperial Entente's allied sphere repeatedly defended Lucius's actions, though he had quickly admitted fault.

Another factor that may have contributed to increasing hostilities between the combatants may have been the sanctions that were made against CLAWS ally, DBDC. These sanctions were attempted to be resolved diplomatically and were refused, claiming CLAWS ally DBDC, as well as CLAWS leadership were rogues and rogue enablers. Leading up to the war, there were also increasing disputes over votes within the brown senate.

Additionally, as the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization was already in ongoing treaty talks with Knights of the Round Table, the COBRA-KoRT War was seen as a possible pre-emptive strike against RFI, by choosing a non-ally and creating the image of RFI opportunism if they acted on the intelligence they had gathered.

War[edit | edit source]

The war started on January 16th, 2021 when Al Bundy, coleader of CLAWS, posted their declaration of war on COBRA and Non Grata. Al claimed that COBRA and Non Grata were promoting and participating in the organization of a variety of hostile actions towards the coalition. As well as that Non Grata had violated the original 6 month Non Aggression Pact, as well as the subsequent Non Aggression Pact.

The intelligence cited was acquired from Lord Hitchcock of KNB during his campaign against COBRA, who was also financed by CLAWS/DBDC. As such COBRA alleged the intelligence itself to be lacking credibility and tantamount to a violation of the NAP from CLAWS rather than NG. Admissions from other alliances in RFI that planning aggressive action against COBRA/NG began in November without first resorting to diplomacy - one of the conditions of the NAP which RFI claim NG had violated as their CB. This claim is somewhat suspect, as the actual war planning itself did not move until the expiration of the NAP.

When RFI decided to go to war with COBRA and Non Grata, the Freehold of the Wolves decided to not get involved, having fought two long wars (The Snake Eyes War & The Yin-Yang War) in the past year and a half. They however did pledge to provide assistance should it be necessary and voiced support for the CB when the intelligence was initially revealed to RFI.

On January 23rd, 2021, the remaining alliances in Boognish, TPF, Kashmir, Haven, Ordo Cyberneticus, and The Lord's Cavalry, all declared war on CLAWS and GATO. Also on January 23rd, Argent declared war on The Phoenix Federation.

Peace Talks[edit | edit source]

Prior to Boognish invasion of CLAWS on the grounds they understood the war to be instigated against COBRA by CLAWS after a long trend of aggressive action; New Polar Order informed combatants from the RFI/Oculus coalition who they were allied to, that they must immediately stand down or risk Polar defending Non Grata. The reason for this was cited as a violation of intelligence clauses in Oculus and between Polar and Legion. None of Polaris' allies had informed them of their intent to initiate aggressive action against their ally Non Grata until shortly before the conflict.

Oculus and The Legion respectively ceased firing and launched no further wars, a temporary 48 hour ceasefire was put in place through the efforts of The Legion, and all alliances involved went to the negotiating table to work out agreeable terms for a peace.

Johnny Apocalypse suggested that COBRA and Boognish as a whole would be agreeable to peace in the form of a 'Tit-for-Tat- arrangement. It was the opinion of COBRA and Boognish that the aggressors may not walk away from the field of combat without consequences or receiving an equivalent response. As such, plans for a limited scale retaliation were negotiated between the two coalitions.

Near the very end of the temporary cease-fire, CLAWS representatives voiced opposition to this arrangement despite majority consensus among the alliances. They stated they would prefer a simple 'White Peace' at the expiration of the first round. Boognish found this to be unacceptable and considered the delayed response of CLAWS to be deliberate foot-dragging, in light of this Boognish forces launched their counter-offensive. They initially violated the the terms agreed upon by the rest of the coalition, by only attacking CLAWS, but after pressure from the New Polar Order and The Legion was placed on Boognish, they amended their declaration to include the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization.

All participants followed the below pre-conditions with one or two anomalies on both sides, each instances resolved between the coalitions in an amicable and peaceful fashion without resorting to further escalation.

1. NPO, IRON, and Legion will not declare any further wars on Boognish, with current wars continuing until expired.

2. The current war will continue for 1 additional round, the definitive end date for wars to be declared being the update of the 24th of January, 2021 (pending approval by the governments of both sides).

3. The participants of this war will be CLAWS, GATO, and Argent for RFI, against NG, COBRA, TPF, Kashmir, The Imperial Entente, Haven, Ordo Cyberneticus, and The Lords Cavalry for Boognish. Participation by the alliances mentioned, who are not currently at war, is dependent on an official declaration of war posted to the OWF by each alliance. (that point is saying the alliances that enter the war will be entering against the remaining parties and are not to be considered part of the war until they post their DOW)

4. There will be no active recruitment or acceptance of members by the alliances mentioned in section 3 during the terms of this agreement.

5. Declarations made outside of the alliances, or outside the members with membership existing prior to this agreement, listed in section 3 will be treated as rogue attacks.

6. Breach of these conditions will annul this agreement.

On January 31st, 2021, the war ended with White Peace.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

On February 6th, 2021, Freehold of The Wolves announced that it was no longer a member of Roll For Initiative.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

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