Ruler of The KingdomEdit

King of The Icelandic Kingdom
King Jordan

King of Bezservinn
Assumed office
11 April 2009
Preceded by Position created

Member of
In office
31st of December 2011 – Present

Born 14 August
RB 1 Reykjavík, Republic Of Belor
Political party Icelandic Democratic Party

King Jordan is the current ruler of The Icelandic Kingdom of Bezservinn Belor. He joined Cybernations in April 2009. Currently, as of January 2012, he is a member of Deinos, and has experience from former alliances such as iFOK, Viridian Entente, and Non Grata.


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National Flag
French: Respecter le libre. Respecter le Royaume. Respecter les citoyens de Bezservinn Belor.
English: Respect the free. Respect the Kingdom. Respect the citizens of Bezservinn Belor.
National Anthem
The Belor Authority/L'Autorité de Belor
Capital City Current: Icclandia

Former: Belor City

Official Language(s) Official: English, French

Recognized: Norweigan

Established 04/11/2009
(3,783 days old)
Government Type Federal Government Federal Government
Ruler King Jordan
Alliance Deinos Flag
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of 26 November 2011
Total population 48,660
Literacy Rate 20%
Religion Jainism Jainism
Currency Currency Canadian Canadian
Infrastructure 3,999.99
Nation Strength 12,393.550
Nation Rank 7,953 of 5,242 (151.72%)
Total Area 1,610.290 Earth icon
Native Resources Gold Pigs

The Icelandic Kingdom of Bezservinn Belor, (Bez-sir-vin Bay-lor) more commonly known as Bezservinn, is a growing empire established on April 11, 2009 on the island of Iceland. Bezservinn is part of and is located on the Green sphere.

On April 11, 2009, The Icelandic Kingdom of Bezservinn Belor was born, and King Jordan took control of the Kingdom. A day later, King Jordan declared the new nations capital to be Belor City. Also on that day, King Jordan announced the admittance of the nation into the iFOK!-Alliance, on the Purple Sphere.

After more than a year in the iFOK!-Alliance, King Jordan announced to its people on May 25, 2010 that Bezservinn Belor would be leaving the iFOK!-Alliance in order to found the Omniscient Empire of Green with its allies, such as Astrolog.

During Bezservinn Belors tenure in the Omniscient Empire of Green, the National Elections of September 2010 passed a bill renaming the nations capital to Icclandia.

On October 6, 2010 King Jordan made the unfortunate decision to leave the Omniscient Empire of Green after the determination that his goals for the alliance were not the same as the other co-founders. The news was shocking to Bezservinn Belors residents, however it was decided by influential citizens to admit the nation to the Viridian Entente.

On November 25, exactly five months after the founding of the Omniscient Empire of Green, news spread around the nation that the alliance was disbanding and folding into the iFOK!-Alliance. The government of Bezservinn did not hesitate at all to join it's allies in iFOK. Unfortunately, the allies that Bezservinn came back to iFOK for slowly vanished off of Planet Bob's landscape over the following months. By the conclusion of the PB-NpO War, Bezservinn Belors government became practically non-existent for the majority of the remainder of 2011.

On June 14 of 2011, Bezservinn Belor joined the newly formed alliance Non Grata. Non Grata was formed as a merger between the nations current alliance, iFOK, and their treaty partner Poison Clan. This event did not cure Bezservinn Belors problems, and the nation slowly began to die.

After being pulled from the brink by a former ally in late November 2011, the nations government reformed and declared it's admittance into the small alliance T5E.

In December 2011, Planet Bob plunged into a global war. The Fifth Element declared war on the much larger alliance Global Democratic Alliance, and Bezservinn Belor's troops invaded three nations. After only a week, the nations were destroyed: two were reduced to the size of 2K NS nation, and the other lost 75% of its infrastructure. Prior to Christmas, the Global Democratic Alliance surrendered to the forces of The Fifth Element.

Because of its massive success in the war, Bezservinn Belor did not need to extensively rebuild. However, The Fifth Element had a low supply of tech sellers, which was crucial to the continued growth of Bezservinn. King Jordan had no choice but to depart the alliance that brought his nation back from the brink.

On the eve of the new year, Bezservinn Belor was admitted into Deinos.

The National AnthemEdit

Since April 11, the National Anthem has been 'The Belor Authority'. The anthem goes as follows:

Bezservinn Belor,
In order to form a union
full of prosperity, success and wisdom,
pledge to our nation
that when in time it comes
we, the people,
sing the song,
do the done,
and prepare for what's needed.

Military HistoryEdit

War Fighting For Fighting Against Alliance Outcome Ribbon
IFOK GGA ribbon
Wolfpack, Invicta, SNAFU
NpO and Others

⌠ Opponents listed are only ones that Bezservinn was at war with. It does not include the entire alliance.

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