Besaidian Liberal Christian Party
Liberal Christian Party of Grand Besaid
FoundedDecember 1, 2009
IdeologyChristianity Morality
Fiscal positionLeft
Social positionCenter-right
Party ChairmanNorman Isable
Coalition LeaderNorman Isable
HeadquartersBesaid, Grand Besaid
Official colors      Yellow
Seats in the
- House of Representatives
- Council of Delegates
- Ministerial Council

362 of 2987
174 of 2676
4 of 22

The Besaidian Liberal Christian Party (BLCP), also known as the Liberal Christian Party of Grand Besaid, is a political party in Grand Besaid with liberal fiscal positions, moderately conservative social positions, and an ideology based on Christian morality and liberal spending. The party was founded by long time independent Norman Isable, looking to create a party to accommodate both the liberals and conservatives of the nation while continuing to make the nation and its people more Christian.

The Besaidian Liberal Christian Party currently holds 362 seats in the House of Representatives and 174 seats in the Council of Delegates. Three national ministers also belong to the party, those of Public Services and Welfare, Health and Human Services, and Immigration and Citizenship.

The Besaidian Liberal Christian Party is the fourth largest political party in Grand Besaid, by members, endowment, and current seats in the national government. The party favors moderate Christian liberalism. It pushes for tougher governmental regulations, welfare projects, environmental protection, a stronger link between church and state and more socially conservative positions.

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