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Besaidian Democratic Party
Democratic Party of Grand Besaid
FoundedJune 2, 2009
IdeologyModerate Liberalism
Fiscal positionCenter-left
Social positionCenter-left
Party ChairmanKai Zhōu
Coalition LeadersScott Maleray (C)
Fahad Imissa (H)
HeadquartersBesaid, Grand Besaid
Official colors      Light Orange
Seats in the
- House of Representatives
- Council of Delegates
- Ministerial Council

418 of 2987
176 of 2676
4 of 22

The Besaidian Democratic Party (BDP), also known as the Democratic Party of Grand Besaid, is a political party in Grand Besaid, with moderately liberal positions and a liberal ideology. The party was founded by Kai Zhōu, looking to create a party to accomodate the liberals of the nation.

The Besaidian Democratic Party currently holds 418 seats in the House of Representatives, and 176 seats in the Council of Delegates. Four national ministers also belong to the party, those of Labor, Science and Technology, Information and Communications, and Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Besaidian Democratic Party is the third largest political party in Grand Besaid, by members, endowment, and current seats in the national government. The party favors moderate liberalism. It pushes for tougher governmental regulations, welfare projects, greater personal freedoms, and more socially liberal positions.