Besaidian Constitution Party
Constitution Party of Grand Besaid
FoundedOctober 11, 2009
Fiscal positionRight
Social positionRight
Party ChairmanFrancisco Garmica
Coalition LeaderGrant Haliford
HeadquartersBesaid, Grand Besaid
Official colors      Magenta
Seats in the
- House of Representatives
- Council of Delegates
- Ministerial Council

247 of 2987
128 of 2676
2 of 22

The Besaidian Constitution Party (BCSP), also known as the Constitution Party of Grand Besaid, is a political party in Grand Besaid with quite conservative positions and an ideology based on constitutionalism. The party was founded by initial supporters of the current constitution, "looking to defend every word and meaning".

The Besaidian Constitution Party currently holds 247 seats in the House of Representatives and 128 seats in the Council of Delegates. Two national ministers also belong to the party, those of Intelligence and Law and Justice.

The Besaidian Constitution Party is the fifth largest political party in Grand Besaid by members, endowment, and current seats in the national government. The party favors conservatism and constitutionalism. It pushes for smaller government, states' rights, broad freedooms and the preservation of civil liberties, small budgets, reduced spending, isolationalism, and a strong military.

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