Besaidian Christian Party
Christian Party of Grand Besaid
FoundedJune 1, 2009
IdeologyChristian Morality

Christian Democracy

Fiscal positionCenter-left
Social positionCenter-right
Party ChairmanFerdnand Flores
Coalition LeaderAndrew Smith
HeadquartersBesaid, Grand Besaid
Official colors      Deep Sky Blue
Seats in the
- House of Representatives
- Council of Delegates
- Ministerial Council

1234 of 2987
861 of 2676
8 of 22

The Besaidian Christian Party (BCP) is a political party in Grand Besaid, with positions and an ideology based on Christian morals and teachings. The party was founded by nearly two million people, initially led by Ferdnand Flores.

The Besaidian Christian Party currently holds 1234 seats in the House of Representatives and 861 seats in the Council of Delegates. Eight national ministers also belong to the party, those of Foreign Affairs, the Treasury, Commerce and Trade, Education, Agriculture, Culture, Veterans Affairs, and Family Affairs.

The Besaidian Christian Party is the largest political party in Grand Besaid, by members, endowment, and current seats in the national government. The party favors moderate progression, and tends to be liberally centrist fiscally, and conservatively centrist socially. Its positions are nearly identical to those of the Catholic Church and its social doctrine. It is often regarded as a fairly typical democratic Christian party.

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