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Besaid Stock Exchange
TypeStock exchange
LocationBesaid, Grand Besaid
OwnerBesaid Financial Co.

The Besaid Stock Exchange is in Besaid, Grand Besaid, near the center of the primary Financial District of Besaid. The first floor of the stock exchange is known as the main floor, and is where most of the securities and stocks are traded, bought, and sold. Though there is more than one floor, with the other flooring having private brokers, special trading rooms, offices offering large and denominational package trades, bond offices, annuity trading rooms, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. The Besaid Stock Exchange is one of the top one-hundred stock markets in the world, being the site of many international and domestic trades and deals.

The Besaid Stock Exchange was founded on October 23, 2009 and is sometimes known as the "Stock Market Wonder". It was the first Stock Market in all of Grand Besaid, and it was paid for by a Banker Push sponsored by the Mostly Harmless Alliance. Since then, the Stock Market has been attributed with raising the Income of the average Grand Besaidian and for helping to strength the nation's economy.

The Besaid Stock Exchange employs over 2,400 people to help run and maintain the building, trade stocks and other financial securities, and carry out various financial work. The Besaid Stock Exchange is owned by Besaid Financial Co. whose parent company is The Grand Besaid Financial Group (GBFG). Currently, the CEO of the Besaid Financial Co. is George Comarez, and the head broker of the Besaid Stock Exchange is Andrew Somanial. The head broker is more or less the CEO's representative at the Stock Exchange.